Weapon upgrades were collectible items in Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty.

Morrow Caverns

Hoolefar Island

  • Concussion Detonators - Second visit only. You need the Fusion Grenade. After defeating the Undead Pirates, dive into the water at the beach. At the bottom left is a tunnel, that was opened after activating the first |wind turbine on your first visit. Swim through it avoiding the mines. When you get out of the water destroy the gate with the Fusion Grenade and go in the room where you will found a Concussion Detonators upgrade for the Fusion Grenade.
  • Voltage Multiplier - Second visit only. You need the Fusion Grenade. In a room with the Fusion Grenade upgrade you will see another door. Destroy it with the Fusion Grenade. Inside the room there is a Voltage Multiplier upgrade for the Shock Ravager.

Darkwater Cove

  • Gyro-Turbine - When you get to the lagoon you need to cross, take the left path to the spring. when your on it look left and there is a little fence. Jump that way over it and land on the platform. A couple of platforms away there is a Gyro-Turbine upgrade for the Tornado Launcher.

Lythoin Caves

  • Dual Target Detectors - You need the Fusion Grenade. After going past the beam maze using a Heliogrub, pull down the panels using a Kinetic Tether and at the top smash the door on the left. Inside you will see crates and some steel crates. Destroy them with the Fusion Grenade and behind them you will see a spring. Use it to get to the higher area and there is a Dual Target Detectors upgrade for the Predator Launcher.

Azorean Sea