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Quartu is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank. It is a barren, rocky planet that is home to large robot factories operated by the blarg, and is home to the robot factory known as Plant Z332[1] that is the birthplace of Clank. The planet is also home to large Ultra-Mech Unlimited robots, as well as the technology that allowed Clank to transform into Giant Clank.

When Clank was born on Quartu, he viewed an infobot that frightened him, leading him to flee the planet and warn others about Chairman Drek's plan. Later, Clank returned with Ratchet in order to investigate the Ultra-Mech technology and to infiltrate the factory.


Robot factory from R&C (2002) screen 1

The robot factory

Quartu was the home to a robot factory that produced Sentry-bots. At one point, with the intervention of Orvus, Clank was produced as a defect. Clank viewed an infobot detailing Drek's plans to extract a large portion of Novalis and use it to create his new planet, a plan which would destroy Novalis. As a result, he fled the planet, only to be chased by Drek's robots and crash land on Veldin.

Later, Ratchet and Clank traveled to the planet after receiving coordinates for Quartu on Oltanis, with a broadcast about the Ultra-Mech technology. Ratchet and Clank were unable to infiltrate the heavily fortified factory, but could visit an Ultra-Mech Scientist, who was attempting to destroy the Ultra-Mech technology he had been contracted to create as he was unaware that Drek was responsible. Instead, the scientist agreed to use it on Clank, and Clank then destroyed several Ultra-Mech Unlimited robots before being changed back to his normal size. The Ultra-Mech Scientist thanked them by giving them an infobot with coordinates to Kalebo III, and a commercial for a Hologuise that could allow them to infiltrate the factory. The two were also able to explore the coolant system on the planet to find a Bolt Grabber.

Upon returning from Kalebo III with the Hologuise, Ratchet disguised himself as a Sentry-bot to fool other robots, and eventually was able to infiltrate the factory by bypassing each security point within it. This led them both to Clank's mother, the computer controlling the factory where he was born, who gave them an infobot with coordinates to Drek's fleet that detailed Drek's plans: he wished to destroy Veldin with a superlaser known as the Deplanetizer to use the planet's orbit for his new world. This infuriated Ratchet, and the two set off to Drek's fleet to defeat him.

The robot factory on Quartu was later seen in Clank's subconscious in A Crack in Time. Dr. Nefarious also made reference to the robot factory, saying that once he had control of the Great Clock, he may destroy the factory to prevent Clank's creation.


Robot factory from R&C (2002) screen 2

The Ultra-Mech testing arena

Quartu has a rocky, mountainous terrain on which the robot factories are located. It has a completely green atmosphere, and very little vegetation, with the few plants featured resembling meat-eating ones.

Behind the scenes

In the 2016 re-imagined game and movie, Quartu was combined with Orxon, to serve as the polluted blarg homeworld while at the same time containing the robot factory.



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