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Quartu is a rocky desert-like world with deep canyons and minimal vegetation. It was home to an enormous robot processing factory. The robot factory was run by the forces of Drek.

Quartu was also the homeworld of Clank, where he escaped from the processing factory. Clank returned with Ratchet to seek out Drek and instead found a giant mech professor and Clank's mother, the computer's core. She created Clank so that he could combat Drek's plans and told the duo about Drek's plans to destroy Veldin. It was also here that Ratchet and Clank encountered the Ultra-Mech Unlimiteds and gained the ability to make Clank bigger.

Orvus mentioned the robot factory that Clank was born in when explaining his origins, revealing that while Clank was manufactured on Quartu, he was created in the Great Clock. It is unknown what relations he had with Clank's mother.

Re-Imagined Universe

In the re-imagined continuity, Quartu has been combined with Orxon. The Planet now utilizes Orxon's toxic atmosphere, while at the same time, serves as the Blarg Homeworld. Drek's father once drove the entire population of Blarg into the planet's underground due to his company polluting the atmosphere so heavily.


Robot Factory

The Robot Factory's interior

Ratchet inside the Robot Factory

I might even demolish that pathetic robot factory that spat you out, Clank! How would you like that?
Nefarious  [ACiT]

The Robot Factory, also known as Plant Z332[1] on planet Quartu was a factory owned by Drek and Blarg Industries. It was the location at which Clank was created due to an error. Ratchet and Clank penetrated the factory via use of the Hologuise, who fooled the Sentrybots guarding the facility. There they could meet Clank's "mom," who offered them an Infobot with coordinates to Drek's Fleet. A scientist was there, along with a pad in which Clank could grow to enormous size. The scientist asked Ratchet and Clank to destroy the Ultra-Mechs he helped create.

Characters on Quartu


Gold bolts

There were two gold bolts on Quartu.


  • During the boss battle with Dr. Nefarious in A Crack in Time, Nefarious could be heard saying "I might even demolish that pathetic robot factory that spat you out, Clank! How would you like that?"[2]

Behind the scenes

Quartu shares a similar appearance to planet Reepor, as its terrain is green, rocky and mountainous. Additionally, the plants of these two planets look very similar to one another, resemble meat-eating plants.

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