Starship Phoenix
Quadrant J0713
Now, in a breaking-action-news-alert-update-bulletin, we have exclusive insider information that suggests the Starship Phoenix is currently traveling at warp speed to an uncharted part of the galaxy! Apparently a distress beacon is emanating from quadrant J0713, an area thought to be completely devoid of any form of life. So, Juanita, it is now up to us to boldly speculate just what insidious mischief the crew of the Starship Phoenix is plotting.
Dallas Wanamaker  [Deadlocked]

Quadrant J0713 was an unexplored and remote quadrant of the Solana Galaxy considered to be devoid of any form of life.[1] The Starship Phoenix picked up a distress beacon from Quadrant J0713, and traveled to the Quadrant at warp speed to investigate. However, the distress beacon was actually a trap set up by DreadZone and instead the Starship Phoenix was ambushed by an Interplanetary Transport carrying a boarding party of DZ Strikers and an Executioner.


Notes and references

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