Pygmy Tribesmen were a race native to the planet Ryllus. They carried large swords that were bigger than their own body size and were extremely weak. They also made a small cameo as Clam dudes in Qwark's opera on Venantonio, where all that was different was that they had clams on their heads.


  • 'Pygmy' means a small person.[1]
  • In a bug, one way to get the skill point where you had to lead a Pygmy into Jaw Plants was to lead a group of Pygmies to a Bury Blossom. In order to do this, you needed Ratchet's Nanotech to be maximum. While leading the group of Pygmies to the plant, you needed to keep jumping around it. From there you would begin to see the Jaw Plant turn its head towards a Pygmy; the tribesman was eaten and disintergrated into soil. You should have continued doing this to the rest of the group (excluding the Pygmies hit by the Razorback Cats). After you got three or five Pygmies eaten, you would earn the skill point.
  • Pygmy is a possible reference to Kratos from God of War.



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