Puffer Fish
Nasty little suckers but tasty if you know how to cook 'em.
Felton Razz, explaining the Puffoids  [R&C (PS4)]

Puffoids, called Puffer Fish prior to the launch of the game and the movie,[1] were a fish speices native to planet Novalis and Pokitaru. While they were docile in water, they were hostile and dangerous when on land and would attack beach-goers.

They were known to be exported via a train in Aleero City, along with Sharkigators, and sold in shops on planet Rilgar, as seen when Ratchet visits Slim Cognito.

On Pokitaru, many were driven to land when Drek's Hydrohavesters started draining the water of Jowai Resort Ratchet defended Felton Razz against the Puffoids so that they could get to the other side of the resort to seek help from Al.

Artwork Character Puffer Fish




  1. In concept art

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