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Puffer Fish, also called Spiky Fish, were a species of mutant fish native to planet Pokitaru.


According to the Jowai Resort Owner, Felton Razz, most the lifeforms on Pokitaru were originally docile in nature. However, Blarg forces eventually occupied Pokitaru airspace, and the planet soon became a dumping ground for Blarg vessels carrying waste. Many species native to Pokitaru mutated, such as Puffer Fish and Psytopus. These mutant creatures quickly began to devour tourists, causing many more to flee the planet and causing Felton to shut down the resort.

Like the Psytopus, they were mutated by the toxic waste that the Blarg dumped in the oceans of the planet. They had evolved to live both on land and in the water, and rolled themselves into balls to attack anyone with their spikes. Many times they would be underwater, and then jump at anyone that went by.