A Psytopus was a squid/octopus/plesiosaur-like sentient creatures native to planet Pokitaru that released energy balls at enemies with their PK powers released by their brain. They had large, pink heads with an oddly large, visible brain encased therein and tentacles. Due to its circular base and pointed tentacles, the Psytopi could possibly be a mutated sea turtle.

They were also featured in a preview of Ratchet & Clank (2002 game). They made a cameo in Ratchet: Deadlocked, when Gleeman Vox promoting DreadZone showed a scene from a Tyhrranoid soap-opera in which a Tyhrranoid groom revealed to his Tyhrranoid bride that he was in fact not really a Tyhrranoid but a Psytopus.

Behind the scenes

In the PS4 re-imaging, a similar creature, Telepathopi appears on planet Pokitaru as well as in the large lava fields on planet Gaspar. However, they are far larger and fly in the air. They also act as bosses.


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