Deploy a supermassive pseudo-atom that regularly emanates a wide disc of damaging subatomic energy.
―Weapon decription  [R&C (PS4)]

The Proton Drum is a Gadgetron-manufactured weapon.


The weapon fires out a metallic ball that, upon impact with the ground, retracts its walls to reveal a pulsating orb of pink energy. With each pulse, the orb expels shockwaves in a large circular area around the orb that damage enemies.

The weapon upgrades to the Protoclast at V5, causing the orbs to continuously zap nearby enemies with electricity in addition to firing wider shockwaves.



Proton Drum in shop

It appears to be a capsule filled with a strange bubbly green liquid with three metallic "claws" attached to it. The claws pulsate at a steady pace. A large antenna similar to the Hoverbomb Gun is also visible on the top.

Raritanium upgrades

Normal upgrades

  • Duration: Increases how long the Proton Drum stays active before disappearing.
  • Area of Effect: Increases how far the shockwaves reach.
  • Holocards: Increases the chance to gain holocards from killing enemies with this gun.

Mystery upgrades

  • Pseudo-quantum Particles: Increases ammo capacity.
  • Constructive Resonator: Gains the ability to have two Proton Drums at once.
  • Frictionless Casing: Allows Proton Drums to be deployed farther than normal.
  • Subatomic Polarizer: Allows two arcs per Protoclast orb.

Behind the scenes

  • The Proton Drum was first shown at PSX 2015 in a demo booth.


  • The Proton Drum is one of the non-glove weapons that Ratchet wears over his hand, much like the Seeker Gun and Pixelizer.
  • The weapon is likely based on the Pulse Mine weapon from Sunset Overdrive — another game made by Insomniac.


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