No suave superspy is ready for the field without a tidy bowtie setting off a dapper suit. With the Tie-A-Rang; however, an Agency superspy can keep his most deadly weapon tucked right beneath his chin. Thrown Tie-A-Rangs contain rudimentary A.I.s that seek multiple targets as long as their servos continue to operate.
―Weapon Description  [SAC]

The Tie-A-Rang was a boomerang-like weapon that was disguised to look like a tie. Two spinning blades were hidden underneath the tie, and when contacted with an enemy, it would slice it into pieces. Thrown Tie-A-Rangs contained rudimentary A.I.s that sought multiple targets as long as their servos continued to operate. They evolved to the Whirlwind Throwtie. As with all of the other saw-blade type weapons in the series, the Tie-A-Rangs were very useful in crowded spaces.

Clank Bowtie

Clank throwing the Tie-A-Rang


  • Klunk had white Tie-A-Rangs.



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