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To the untrained eye, it`s just a pretty decoration on Agent Clank`s tuxedo lapel. Don`t stop to smell the flowers though - there`s nothing nice about this button-hole bloom! The Tanglevine is in fact one of the most vicious life-forms from the galaxy Sunitrope 7, in the Quantum of Solace - and it has a ravenous hunger for robots and aliens alike. Agent Clank can use it to entangle and disable dangerous obstacles in his path.
―The Tanglevine Carnation's description in the manual.  [SAC]

The Tanglevine Carnation was a carnivorous flower. This ravenous blossom had an unquenchable hunger for robots and aliens alike. It came from the Sunitrope 7 galaxy.[1] It upgraded to the Kudzu Tangle. Clank found this weapon on Rionosis. It is mainly used to consume enemies; however, the Tanglevine Carnation can also be put to more practical use, such as halting spining machinery in Agent Clank's path.

In-game summaries

Tanglevine Action

The plant in action

To the untrained eye, what appears as a lapel decoration hides one of the most vicious flowers from the galaxy of Sunitrope 7. This ravenous blossom has an unquenchable hunger for robots and aliens alike.
―Weapon Description  [SAC]


Notes and references

  1. Secret Agent Clank instruction manual.

|es = Planta carnívora

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