President Phyronix
We're live on planet Marcadia with the Galactic President. Mr. President, how would the attack on Metropolis effect your chances for reelection this fall?
Darla Gratch  [UYA]
I'm glad you asked, Darla. Our demographic research predicts that robots will make up 100% percent of the galactic population by this time next week. Course that's great news for my reelection campaign because as you know… I'm half robot myself!
―President Phyronix responding to Darla Gratch's question about the recent Biobliterator attack on planet Kerwan.  [UYA]

President Phyronix, also known as the Galactic President, Mr. President or simply the President, is the Solana Galaxy current Galactic President. He is a member of the Cazar species, and the father of Sasha Phyronix, who formerly captained the Starship Phoenix before becoming mayor of Metropolis.

The President had a bad habit at times of being very naive (as evidenced by his belief that Secret Agent Clank was real), incompetent and placing his political career ahead of more important issues; however, he deeply cared about his friends and his daughter, and refused at times to compromise his beliefs despite the consequences.


Prior events

Phyronix was known to have fathered at least one known child, Sasha Phyronix.

Later on, he was elected Galactic President of the Solana Galaxy.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Secret Agent Clank

With the debut of Secret Agent Clank, many people in the Solana Galaxy became enamored with Secret Agent Clank, a character played by Clank; it also starred Ratchet, who played Secret Agent Clank's bumbling chauffeur Jeeves. One of those enamored with the show was the Mr. Phyronix himself, who thought the show actually real, and acted as crazed autograph hound.[1]

Tyhrranoid invasion of Veldin

In the year 5356, the backwater world of Veldin was invaded by warlike Tyhrranoids, apparently under the orders of notorious super-villain Nefarious. Phyronix responded to the invasion by sending in Galactic Rangers to fight off the invaders; however, they proved to be no match for the stalked eye fiends. Most of the Kyzil Plateau (where the majority of fighting was taking place) have been taken by noid forces, including F-Sector. When hope seemed loss however, the heroic duo, Ratchet and Clank, arrived on the seen and led the Rangers to victory back clearing Veldin of the Tyhrranoid menace.

With Veldin saved, Phyronix decided to check up on his men in recently liberated F-Sector. Phyronix immediately mistook Clank and Ratchet for Secret Agent Clank and his chauffeur Jeeves, both of whom were fictional characters for the Holovision show Secret Agent Clank. Phyronix was greatly honored that "Secret Agent Clank" and "Jeeves" come to his aid; however, Ratchet attempted to correct the President on their true identities, but he was cut off before he could.

Phyronix informed "Secret Agent Clank" that Dr. Nefarious needed to be stopped, noting only one man had defeated the mechanical menace before. According to top secret sources, which was really nothing more than episode of Nature's Mysteries, this person was possibly residing in Nabla Forest of planet Florana, apparently hiding in shame for his recent actions.

Ratchet was unsure whether this was person they needed to combat Dr. Nefarious, as appeared to be a wacko. President Phyronix admitted to Ratchet that it was possible the person they were looking for was insane, but added said person was the best hope they had. Phyronix expressed is confidence that "Jeeves" and "Secret Agent Clank" would be able to find him, Clank assured his confidence.

When Nefarious began to wreak havoc in the Solana Galaxy, The President sent Ratchet to find Qwark, who hid on Florana. When they returned with the former super hero, he appointed Qwark as leader of the new Q-Force. When Nefarious's bio-weapons began to rampage the galaxy by attacking the population of Metropolis, the President claimed he was half a robot to avoid being attacked by the Biobliterator (and to help get reelected that fall, by appealing to robots who would make up 100% of the galactic population in a week following the attack on Metropolis (guaranteeing his re-election)).

[2] Fortunately, Ratchet and Clank foiled Nefarious's plot before Nefarious could harm any more of the galaxy. The Galactic President was seen at the premiere of Secret Agent Clank's latest movie at the game's conclusion.

Tyhrranoid invasion of Marcadia

They came out of nowhere! . . . [static] Tyhrranoid invasion force . . . [static] Presidential Compound has been breached. . . [static] . . . cannot hold out much longer . . . [static].
―President Phyronix sending out an S.O.S. to the Starship Phoenix.  

No sooner had Ratchet and Clank had brought him aboard the Starship Phoenix, planet Marcadia, home to the Solana Galaxy's capital of Capital City, was brutally assaulted by a Tyhrranoid invasion force. The entire attack was completely unexpected, and resulted in the planet's defenses to be deactivated. President Phyronix sent the technician Big Al to repair the Planetary Defense Center, but he lost contact with him shortly thereafter.

In desperation, he contacted his daughter aboard the Starship Phoenix to gain his assistance. He warned her that the Tyhrranoids had launched a surprise invasion of Marcadia and had just breached the Presidential Compound, insisting his Ranger Forces couldn't hold them off much longer. Unfortunately is static transmission was cut short by a transmission from Dr. Nefarious announcing his campaign against organic lifeforms.

Defeat of Otto Destruct/Rescue of Ratchet

After Ratchet and Clank defeated Otto Destruct, the Galactic President awarded the duo with medals. He was not seen in Secret Agent Clank but he was debriefed at the end by Ms. Cute Anastasia Bot over a HoloVid Screen.

Artemis Zogg's galaxy

President Phyronix

Artemis Zogg confronts President Phyronix

In Artemis Zogg's attempt to create his own Artemis Galaxy, President Phyronix went on a goodwill trip to Polaris, but lost communication with his daughter, Sasha. President Phyronix was kidnapped by Artemis Zogg and forced to work on planet Zaurik as a Trillium miner.

After geo-swifting the planet away from Polaris and into the Artemis Galaxy, Zogg showed up. The President tried to convince Artemis that he couldn't just impose leadership, but Artemis denied this, thinking it was for the good of the universe. President Phyronix claimed that Zogg was more like a dictator, every bit as cruel as Tachyon and even more misguided than Nefarious.

Artemis Zogg informed President Phyronix that he could become Zogg's personal vice president. President Phyronix refused and told Zogg that he would continue to work in the Trillium Mines. Before Artemis Zogg left, Phyronix asked him what had happened to him, Artemis Zogg simply answered back saying he "wised up" and suggested that Phyronix do the same.

Sasha grieving

Sasha grieves over the kidnapping of her father

Behind the scenes

Voice actor

Lindsay Schnebly voiced the Galactic President.


President Phyronix's voice is clearly based on former United States president Bill Clinton.[3]


  • The Galactic President's daughter, Sasha, had the last name "Phyronix." This identified the President as President Phyronix. No first name had been given for him.
  • Despite claiming he was a cyborg on the news, he is actually not a cyborg, and was trying to trick robotic citizens into voting him for president.


Notes and references

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