Predator Launcher

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This weapon's multi-lock sensor array can guide deadly predator rockets to several targets simultaneously.
— Weapon Description (PS4), PS4

The Predator Launcher was a top-secret blargian weapon manufactured by Drek Industries that could lock onto multiple targets and fire Predator missiles at them. As the user held down the trigger, it released Predator missiles into the air. The missiles locked on to nearby enemies and launched themselves at their target when the trigger was released. Ratchet discovered the weapon while aboard the Blarg warship.

Predator Launcher PS4

Ratchet wielding the Predator Launcher in the trailer for Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Raritanium Upgrades

Much like it's appearance in Tools of Destruction, the Predator Launcher can be upgraded with Raritanium in the re-imagining.

Normal Upgrades

  • Ammo: Increases ammo capacity.
  • Lock speed: Increases how fast the Predator Launcher's missiles can lock on to enemies.
  • Targeting cone: Increases the width of the targeting cone, which allows the Predator Launcher to lock on to more enemies.

Mystery Upgrades

  • Overlooked Sensors: Allows more missiles to be deployed in one go.
  • Ammo Loyalty Card: Increases the amount of ammo that can be found in crates for this weapon.
  • Critical Cores: Increases the width of the explosion radius on the missiles.
  • Recursion Depth: Allows more missiles to lock onto a single target.