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Ratchet: So, the Polaris Galaxy… Tachyon owns all of it?
The Smuggler: Yep! Ironic, ain't it? The one Cragmite they didn't vaporize comes back to oppress the galaxy.
Ratchet and The Smuggler  [ToD]

Polaris Galaxy was a galaxy which was located at the center of the universe, which was the edge of the known universe. This galaxy was also the location to the Lombax Ruins on planet Fastoon which became a desert planet after Lombaxes vanished to another dimension. This was the third known galaxy Ratchet and Clank explored in the series, with the other two being the Solana and Bogon galaxies. Most of the galaxy was owned by Tachyon which was ironic according to the Smuggler, although there were free planets which formed Free Polaris, with Igliak as the capital. Polaris' largest populations were once the Lombaxes and the Cragmites. These two races eliminated each other in the Great War, which did not reach beyond the Polaris galaxy. Other races found in Polaris included the aggressive Kerchu and the Drophyds.

Planets and locations

Bernilius Sector

The known planets, moons, and locations in the Bernilius Sector were:

Cerullean Sector

The known planets and locations in the Cerullean Sector were:

Corvus Sector

The known planets and locations in the Corvus Sector were:

Drogol Sector

There was only one known planet in the Drogol Sector:

Korthos sector

The known planets, moons and locations in the Korthos Sector were:

Phylax sector

The known planets, moons and locations in the Phylax sector were:

Praxus Sector

The known planets and locations in the Praxus Sector were:

Vela Sector

The known planets and locations in the Vela sector were:

Verdigris Sector

The known planets and locations in the Verdigris Sector were:

Unnamed sector

The known planets and locations in an Unnamed Sector were:

Zarkov Sector

The known planets and locations in the Zarkov Sector were:

Unknown sectors

The planets without known sectors were:


See also


  • Praxus Six, Viceron, Jasindu, Torren IV and Morklon were considered the worst planets in the Polaris Galaxy to travel to. The GrummelNet Intergalactic Travel Guide listed Jasindu's Kerchu City the worst vacation spot in the galaxy, followed by Viceron's Zordoom Prison and Praxus Six's sulfer mines. The Polaris Board of Interstellar Travel listed Morklon as the first worst to visit, followed by Torren IV.
  • Planet Quantos was voted the Polaris Galaxy's "Best Kept Secret," due to unspoiled jungles, friendly natives and gorgeous fjords.
  • The Huron Abyss of planet Lumos was one of the most visited locations in the galaxy, as people traveled from far away just to throw stuff into it.

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, "Polaris" is a star more commonly known as North Star.

Notes and references

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