Pokitaru was a tropical planet filled with oceans and islands. It was home to many resorts, mostly notably Jowai Resort. The planet's large fresh water supply caught Drek's eye and it was ideal for his new perfect world, so he ordered his Blarg Troops to sap the planet dry via Hydroharvesters; however, with the help of Grim's brother & local fisherman, Felton Razz, and mechanic, Big Al, Ratchet & Clank managed to foil Drek's plans by taking down the Hydroharvesters.



Ratchet & Clank at Jowai Resort


  • Jowai Resort
  • Scenic Sewers

Characters on Pokitaru



Differences between original


  • Instead of dumping waste into the sea with Blarg Dumping Ships, the Blarg are trying to drain the planet's water dry with Hydroharvesters.
  • The man Ratchet escorts across the resort is Grim's brother and a local fisherman, Felton Razz rather than the resort owner.
  • Rather than meeting Al's brother, Bob at his robot shack, Ratchet and Clank instead meet Al again at the resort lounge, and he later provides Clank with the Thruster-Pack upgrade instead.
  • Ratchet uses his own ship with a Tesla Rocket upgrade provided by Al to take out the Hydroharvesters rather than the pilot's ship.
  • Instead of the duo meeting with Fred at the end of the sewers, Ratchet finds a lone O2 Mask rather than getting it from the resort owner.


  • Psytopus are replaced with Telepathopus and Toxic Crabs.
  • Instead of their being invisible walls in the sea, there are Sharkigators to stop the player from swimming too far out.
  • The undersea area is more detailed, notable inclusions include: undersea magma and a pirate treasure chest containing a gold bolt. Puffoids also swim around underwater.
  • There is a small island with raritanium, and a small island with a gold bolt on it.
  • Unlike the original, pumping stations/sewers are inaccessible until you complete the first mission.
  • The building that used to be Bob's Roboshack is now just an inaccessible hut, and what used to be the garage containing the pilot ship is now the Pokitaru Tiki Longue and Karaoke Bar.


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