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Plasma Striker
A high veolcity crossbow that fires plasma bolts with deadly accuracy. Try using the bioscope which identifies an enemy's weak points for maximum damage.
— Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ACiT

The Plasma Striker is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in A Crack in Time and Into the Nexus. It is a crossbow which functions as a sniper rifle, with good range and damage and the ability to target the weak spots of enemies through its bioscope.

The Plasma Striker can be upgraded to the Plasma Slayer with use, which can pierce through enemies to damage those behind the initial target.


A Crack in Time

The Plasma Striker could be obtained upon reaching Krell Canyon for 33,000 bolts. It could then be upgraded to the Plasma Slayer with use (at V5). In challenge mode, the Omega Plasma Slayer was available for purchase for 233,000 bolts.

Into the Nexus

The Plasma Striker returned as a sniper weapon, and once again could be upgraded to the Plasma Slayer with use (at V3). It could also be upgraded with Raritanium.


The Plasma Striker is a yellow, metallic crossbow. It features a scope and a laser sight, as well as a left hand grip, making its design a hybrid of a typical crossbow and a sniper rifle.

The Plasma Slayer features two blue crossbows instead aligned as crosshairs, combined into a single rifle, with a large scope. In Into the Nexus, the Plasma Slayer retains the same design, but features the colors of the Plasma Striker.


The Plasma Striker has a low rate of fire and low ammunition with a small radius, but its shots are extremely powerful and it has a very long range. Its damage can be greatly increased by targeting the weak points of enemies, located by viewing down the weapons' scopes. This means that the Plasma Striker is best used when away from combat, in order to destroy larger targets before Ratchet moves in on the area, as it is difficult to aim down the scopes while fighting enemies up close. Alternatively, the player can use the CryoMine Glove or the Groovitron Glove to disable enemies and then aim down the scopes to damage them (though when using the Groovitron, enemies may be difficult to hit while dancing). The Striker can also prove useful against bosses which are large enough targets that they won't be missed by the player.

The Plasma Striker can be upgraded to the Plasma Slayer with use. This allows its shots to pierce through the first enemy and damage targets behind it. This makes the weapon more useful, as it allows it to be useful not just against larger single targets, but against groups of targets together when firing from afar. Regardless of the upgrade, the weapon remains very niche and is best used in specific situations, normally from a long distance.

Behind the scenes

The Plasma Striker appears as a weapon for Ratchet in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.