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Use of the bioscope temporarily increases the shooter's metabolism, which activates slow motion. Science!
―Weapon Description  [R&C (PS4)]

Plasma Slayer was the V5 version of the Plasma Striker. When it upgraded, its color changed to blue and purple and it had a cross shaped scope. The weapon became significantly stronger and also gained an 'armor piercing" ability, meaning that it was able to shoot through a target and hit others behind it. due to the level of precision required to hit a target in the critical points; however, damaging of more than one target was rare, usually resulting in a missed shot.

Upgrade Announcement: "Congratulations! You've just upgraded to the Plasma Slayer! This modification enables you to fire armour-piercing rounds!"

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

The Plasma Slayer returned; however, it was the same color as the Plasma Striker. It was compatible with Raritanium upgrades and became this weapon at V3.

​Raritanium weapon upgrades

  • Killshot: How hard it hits in its critical spot.
  • Ammo: Increases ammo capacity.
  • Bolts: Increases the amount of bolts you get from an enemy.

​Mystery upgrades

  • Raritanium: Increases the amount of Raritanium you get from an enemy.
  • Chrono Disruptor: Slows down time when you are aiming, allowing you to snipe precisely.


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