Planetary Defense Center

The Planetary Defence Center on Kerwan

Ratchet and Clank Planetary Defense Center

Ratchet and Clank try to communicate with Qwark at the Planetary Defence Center on Kerwan

The Planetary Defense Center for planet Kerwan, located in Metropolis, served to defend Kerwan during an invasion. Qwark was known to have been put in charge of running the massive facility. As part of his automated message system options included being attacked by Radioactive Amoeboid's or to report ingestion by a mutant space eel. When Emperor Tachyon led his Imperial Army to invade Kerwan, his commandos shut downed the facility and kidnapped Captain Qwark, who only managed to defeat two of his attckers. With the facility down, the Imperial army laid waste to Metropolis in attempt to kill the "last" Lombax, Ratchet. Ratchet and Clank, not knowing Qwark had already been captured, managed to reach the Planetary Defense Center in order to aid Captain Qwark. When they arrived however, they found the entire facility to be completely abandoned, with only the automated greeting system still online. As it listed a number of threats the city might be suffering from, Imperial forces converged on Ratchet and Clank's position; luckily the two heroes managed to escape the invaders.



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