Pistol Flux LX

The Pistol Flux LX is the main gun for Combat Bots which Merc and Green both have on Deadlocked. The Pistol Flux LX is built specifically for Combat Bots and was designed by Go-Comet.

The Shots of the Pistol Flux are relatively weak compared to that of the Range Warrior and the accuracy of the gun is terrible but it has a great rate of fire. Against the weaker enemies such as the PX6 BladeBall the gun would easily clear out a room but against one strong enemy it would barely do any damage, but it would kill any kind of enemy in Couch Potato difficulty.

In-game description

Anything made for the Combat Bot was made by Go-Comet, the leader in the industry. The Pistol Flux LX definitely reflects their ability. This luxury edition combines a high powered firing capability with a lightweight design to create the ultimate weapon.


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