The Pork Bomb takes the transformative polymorphing rays of its predecessors and turns them outward into a barnyard-sized patch of species confusion. Although opponents can sometimes pop back into their original forms if they haven't absorbed a direct hit, there are several documented cases of targets voluntarily using the bomb on themselves once they get out of prison to get back to the simplicity of farm life.
―Weapon Description  [SAC]
The Pork Bomb Gun was a weapon that fired pig bombs. If any enemy hit the explosion zone, they immediately turned into a pig. This weapon was nearly powerless against huge enemies. The Pork Bomb Gun became the Meat Mortar when fully upgraded.

Pork Bomb gun cake

Weapon Mods

War Pigs Mod
The War Pigs Mod allows the Pork Bomb to create hyper-violent pig mutants that seek out and bite other enemies until they eventually destabilize.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod costs 25,000 bolts.

Tasty Pigs Mod
The Tasty Pigs Mod converts the organic matter from exploded Pork Bomb targets into delicious (and fat free) meat nuggets that can be claimed for health.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod costs 25,000 bolts. A slice of bacon restores one nanotech, and a half-ham restores three nanotech.


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