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Phylax Sector
Phylax Sector

Breegus System

Space Stations
Look, just keep your eyes peeled. Talwyn says this sector is crawling with mercenaries.
Ratchet  [ACiT]
Rest easy, my friend. My vigilance is both eternal and peripheral.
Qwark  [ACiT]

The Phylax Sector was one of the five space sectors inside the Breegus System, the Phylax Sector itself resided on the edges of Breegus System and was north of the Vela Sector.[1] It was in the Polaris Galaxy. There was a space depot inside it. It was the first encountered sector. There were five moons in the sector: Phylax Alpha, Phylax Beta, Phylax Gamma, Phylax Sigma and Phylax Tau. The sector also contained the planet Quantos.

Vorselon's Warship

Planets and locations




Notes and references

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