Public Display of Affection?
Ratchet, suggesting what "PDA" stands for  [R&C]
The Gadgetron PDA allows access to remote ammo anywhere in the galaxy! Equip and then activate it for all your impulse buys. A shipping cost and handling fee will apply to all purchases. Only Gadgetron products are available.
―Description in Size Matters  [Size Matters]

Gadgetron PDA

The Gadgetron Personal Delivery Assistant, or Gadgetron PDA, was acquired from "Steve McQwark" (Captain Qwark) on planet Oltanis. It could be used to purchase ammo anywhere in the game with an added shipping price, making usage of the gadget a choice between economy or convenience. In Up Your Arsenal it was available at Qwark's hideout in the Thran Asteroid Belt, but ammo for weapons purchased at Slim Cognito's vendor cannot be bought from the PDA, since his products are not Gadgetron products, meaning that he would need to make his products that of Gadgetron's to use it as a method of advertising. In that game, the ammunition costs 10 times the original cost.

It is better to purchase ammo from vendors, but it can be useful to waste some bolts on ammo when it is absolutely needed, such as in boss fights. In Ratchet & Clank, the PDA is especially useful during the final battle as ammo, notably Devastator ammo.

In Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, Ratchet could purchase it at a Gadgetron vendor. However, the Static Barrier's ammo was not available to buy from this version of the PDA, despite it being a Gadgetron product.

In Secret Agent Clank there was a Gadgetron PDA for Ratchet after beating the first challenge in the Prison Showers. Clank also had an Agency PDA.



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