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Peckbots were enemies encountered in groups in Tobruk Crater, planet Novalis, when Ratchet was looking for a new ship. They were relatively small, bird and insect-like robots, whose colors were brown and yellow, with large jaws, sharp teeth, two large eyes, and a pair of yellow wings. They also somewhat resemble robotic sandsharks. They were used together with the Birdbot as the main invasion force for Drek on Novalis.


The Peckbots would hover in the air until a target was spotted, whereupon they would descend to the ground and begin chasing after their enemy with their spiked jaws. Never performing any aerial attacks, the Peckbots preferred ground combat, which, coupled with their lack of defense and low durability, made them a virtually non-threatening enemy, to be taken out easily with the wrench. Where this is not true; however, is when they would swarm, especially when at opposing flanks. In this case, they presented somewhat of a threat, as they could attack from behind without immediate detection.