Path of Death
You trespass on scacred ground! Hoo hoo hoo! Now you walk Path of Death!
Florana Tree Beast  [UYA]
But sir…
Clank  [UYA]
Florana Tree Beast  [UYA]

The Path of Death was an obstacle course located in the Nabla Forest on Florana. Any person caught by Florana's mysterious 'Tree Beast' was forced to walk the Path. Ratchet and Clank conquered this route and discovered the Tree Beast to be none other than the disgraced and amnesiac Qwark, who then battled two heroes in his arena. Qwark was defeated, and was left with the heroes in the Starship Phoenix.

Skill point

The player could get the "Squeaky Clean" skill point by reaching the Path of Death's end without taking a single hit. Damage to the Shield Charger also counts as taking a hit.