Paladrones were squiggly armed sapients, related to the Argonoids and the Terraklons.


Much like their Argonoid and Terraklon cousins, Paladrones had long squid-like arms for manipulators. The species also had two red oval eyes, brown skin, and fangs curved upward.


Like many sapient species' of the Polaris Galaxy, the Paladrones were promptly enslaved by Tachyon's Empire during Tachyon, much like their sister races.

Several Paladrones were dumped on the Masteze Penal Colony on planet Ebaro after they killed a Grummel working for GrummelNet over a defective GrummelNet product. These same prisoners were later forced to become gladiators on planet Mukow for the amusement of soldiers serving in the Imperial Army.

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