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Aridia is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank and Up Your Arsenal. It is a sparsely inhabited desert world covered in tar and mud. Many of the structures found in the planets' outposts are built in mud. Ratchet and Clank visited Outpost X11 in Ratchet & Clank and Outpost X12 in Up Your Arsenal.

Ratchet and Clank first came to Aridia's Outpost X11 in search of Skid McMarx, who had crash landed on the planet after his ship was shot down. From there, they were able to obtain a Z3000 Hoverboard from Skid. In Up Your Arsenal, Ratchet and Clank went to Outpost X12 to join the Galactic Rangers in a battle against the Tyhrranoid invasion. Defeating the invaders allowed them to obtain the Warp Pad.


Ratchet & Clank

Outpost X11 from R&C (2002) screen 1

Outpost X11 under construction

On Novalis, Ratchet and Clank purchased an Infobot from The Plumber,for 500 bolts, which showed footage of an emergency crash landing from Skid McMarx and Skid's agent. Despite doubting that Skid knew Captain Qwark, the two agreed to travel to help Skid.

Ratchet and Clank found Skid alone, unable to return to his crashed ship due to a sandshark infestation. Once Ratchet defeated all the sandsharks, Skid presented them with a Z3000 Hoverboard, a hoverboard that could not be purchased on the market. Ratchet and Clank also explored the structure of Outpost X11. Traversing a Swingshot path led the two to obtain a Trespasser found inside, while traversing a path of conveyor belts led them to Skid's agent. Skid's agent agreed to grant them the Sonic Summoner if they competed in the Blackwater City hoverboard championships.

Up Your Arsenal

After searching planet Zeldrin's crash site, Ratchet and Clank received a transmission from the Galactic Rangers asking them to aid them against a Tyhrranoid invasion of the planet. The two arrived to defend Outpost X12, and drove the Tyhrranoids away. To thank Ratchet for his help, they rewarded him with the Warp Pad gadget.


Outpost X12 multiplayer map

Outpost X12 multiplayer map layout

Aridia consists primarily of deserts and swamps, with minimal vegetation.

The planet also features several outposts with large buildings. Outpost X11 features ongoing construction at its main facility, an arms factory, with several ConstructorBots guarding the base. An active superlaser exists on site at the post, accessible only by Magneboots. Outpost X12 on the other hand, which features on the opposite side of the planet,[1] featuring a flat landscape with swamp and small bridges between two opposing facilities.


Outpost X12 from Operation: DEATH VALLEY features as a multiplayer map in Up Your Arsenal, and supports all game modes. The map is symmetrical and consists of a flat landscape connected by bridges, some of which can be destroyed for tactical advantage. The center of the map features a small, round platform with a turret, and adjacent to this platform is a big ramp used by the Turbo Slider.

Each base is located behind the large facility, with tunnels that lead to the center of the map. The nodes that spawn two Turbo Sliders are located close to the base, in a tunnel. Behind each base is a large piece of ground where the Holoshield Glove can be found. Neither tunnel nor base can be accessed with a Hovership. As with every multiplayer map, the flags spawn at the base locations while playing Capture the Flag.

On one side of the map, there is a large gap that can be traversed with the Hypershot. In the middle of this gap, two opposite grav-ramps lead to a higher platform, which can be useful for snipers.

Behind the scenes

The name "Aridia" is possibly derived from the word "arid", meaning "dry".

As with many planets reappearing in Up Your Arsenal, the planet's appearance from space changed drastically compared to its original Ratchet & Clank appearance. In Up Your Arsenal, the planet's appearance from space strongly resembles a recolored Tabora, without the purple oceans.

Opeartion: DEATH VALLEY is named by the national park and canyon of the same name located in California, where Insomniac Games' main studio is located.



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