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My race the Blarg have a small problem. Our planet has become so polluted, overpopulated and poisonous, that we are no longer able to dwell here.
Drek explains the situation the Blarg are facing toward the citizens of Novalis., R&C

Orxon was a heavily polluted planet in the Shadow Sector, and was the home planet of the Blarg. It was a heavily-industrialized planet filled with Raritanium mines, which caused the horrendous pollution that rendered the planet virtually uninhabitable.


Ruination by Chairman Drek

Drek's factories polluted Orxon's atmosphere to the point where it was not longer breathable. Most
Orxon's Factories

Chairman Drek's factories

Blarg were forced to wear oxygen masks in order to survive in the poisonous atmosphere, and the planet became overpopulated. Due to the actions of Chairman Drek, Orxon became polluted and the Blarg were forced to find a new homeworld. Ignorant to the fact that Drek had polluted Orxon, the Blarg were perfectly happy to die achieving his goal—extracting the choicest planetary portions of other planets to use them to create a new one. The heavy industry and research taking place on Orxon further fueled this goal. Despite the poor living conditions, many Blarg remained on the planet to fulfill Drek's demands, and it still had an active defense force. The planet was also filled with ravenous mutants. Presumably, the Blarg were forced to remain on Orxon after Drek's New Planet was destroyed and work to clean up the pollution while others left the planet all together to find a new planet to live on. It is unknown who succeeded Drek as Chairman, after Drek was killed by Ratchet and Clank.

Use in Dreadzone

Orxon surface

The DreadZone course on Orxon

Later, Gleeman Vox of Vox Industries was somehow able to use this hazardous planet in his illegal Holo-Vision show, Dreadzone. The contestants' goal was to destroy a Blargian Raritanium factory. The factory workers were due to receive advanced notice so that they could evacuate the day after the challenge.

As the Blargs are now living here again, it seems they have been able to terraform the planet so as to do something about the horrendous pollution. Although the planet is now relatively hospitable, the factory fumes and acid rain are still toxic to those who spend any extensive time on the planet, as mentioned when during the last mission of the campaign, Ratchet must use the Landstalker to help the planet-side audience get off the surface.


Kogor Refinery

The Kogor Refinery was a large laboratory area located on Planet Orxon. It contained many deadly creatures and experiments of the Blarg inventors' inventions. This facility was one of dozens on Orxon responsible for the pollution that ravaged the Blargian homeworld, as its smokestacks constantly emitted toxic gases into the poisonous atmosphere and it dumped green, acidic sewage into what's left of Orxon's bodies of water. The facility itself relied on force fields to preserve the oxygen atmosphere inside the structure. Thus, these few stations was one of the only breathable areas in the region. The facility hosted a large population of mutants who were affected by the endless pollution. It was a place full of smaller abandoned Blarg labs and refineries, located on a mountain range on Orxon.

The Refinery was where Ratchet and Clank retrieved weapons and gadgets for use in their mission to stop Drek, but Clank initially traveled alone due to the planet's poisonous atmosphere. Clank retrieved Magneboots and an Infobot for Pokitaru. Ratchet later returned with an Oxygen Mask from Pokitaru to find the Nanotech upgrades in the labs. It is still patrolled by a few Blarg military units, but the entire Refinery was overun with mutant wildlife in time. Many goods can be found in these labs, but few can reach them without an O2 Mask. The Blargian Snagglebeast might once have lived in the mountains beyond Kogor Refinery.

Raritanium Factory

The Orxon Raritanium Factory or simply the Raritanium Factory was a large Blargian Raritanium refinery and factory, located close to the Blarg's mine for Raritanium on Orxon. Being a few years after the Blarg were forced to return to Orxon after Drek's Planet was destroyed, the air is now breathable again. Despite this, the region is still heavily polluted with acid rain. Vox sent his gladiators to this factory to be used in his show. The refinery was destroyed by Ratchet, Merc and Green during several Dreadzone courses, costing the lives of numerous Blargs. Fans would donate for a new one every week according to Dallas.


  • Blarg: Orxon is the homeworld of the Blarg, one of the most aggressive races in Solana. Despite their inventions, most Blargs are stupid, even some of the brightest scientists seem to lack some knowledge themselves. Their government appears to be money-driven form of dictatorship. Orxon had become highly polluted forcing them to become nomads until they get a new planet. The Blargs ravaged the Solana Galaxy in Ratchet & Clank as they stole pieces of other planets to create Drek's World. After their defeat, they appear to have become somewhat isolated from the rest of the universe. Even by the time of Ratchet: Deadlocked Oxron is still very toxic and full of dangerous acid rain. In Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time it is revealed that they have allied with Nefarious.

Wildlife and Flora

Orxon has long ago become polluted by the Blarg. This had dire effects on the wildlife and on the Blarg. The Blarg were forced to become nomads as Drek's Army "collected" parts from other worlds. In the meanwhile, many creatures died off as pollution covered the planet. Only a few hardy or mutant creatures can continue to live in this toxic environment, and the majority of them aren't too friendly.

  • Blargian Snagglebeast: Huge beasts that were native to Orxon; however, these beasts were taken off the planet after the pollution covered all of Orxon. Qwark had caught one and kept it in his base on Umbris, where Ratchet and Clank were forced to fight it. Blargian Snagglebeasts could shoot plasma balls out of their hands, make tidal waves of force on the ground and suck up ammo. Qwark's Snagglebeast was also given the ability to shoot lasers from its head and create a protective forcefield around its entire body. It is; however, allergic to Swamp Flies of planet Oozla.
  • Blargian Gnat: Ace Hardlight's IQ is compared to this insect creature found on Orxon.


  • Alien Swarmer: Small slimly toad like creatures, they were first seen at Blarg Tactical Research Station, but are also found inhabiting Orxon, proving Orxon is their homeworld. They are found inside the caves and deserted buildings, as outside is too intense for them. They bite their prey, but one Wrench swing will take them out, or Clank fist.
  • Screamer: Strange flying blue creatures with large heads and stubby wings and feet. They are often sound asleep until Ratchet nears, then they start screaming. They don't harm Ratchet, rather they attract the attention of Toxic Crabs who will. They are always found by Toxic Crabs. Shoot them before they scream. Theres a Skill Point for shooting one with the "sniper hole."
  • Toxic Crab: These predators are extremly dangerous, as their armor protects them well from your weapons. They are often found asleep, but if one hears you, or is alerted by a Screamer, it will move toward the approaching enemy (Ratchet) and swipe him with its claws. Use the Devastator on them to take out these crabby creatures.
  • Darter: Blargian Skreeducks aren't the only things in the skies of Orxon. The Darter is a bird like creature that is really streamlined. If they spot something tasty below, they swoop down and use their trusty beaks to beck Ratchet. A swing from the Wrench will send them into the ground.
  • Blargian Skreeduck: Found in the skies of Orxon, which they share with the aggressive Darters. The Blargian Skreeducks are completely harmless and can be shot down for one's own entertainment.


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