And remember, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is learning how to take a joke.
―Orvus to Clank  [ACiT]
Orvus is the brightest Zoni, and presumably their leader. He was also the creator of the Great Clock, an enormous machine designed to maintain time and fix any dangerous time anomalies, as well as the creator of Clank, whom Orvus cared about very much.[1]


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

The Great Clock

Time-space rip

A rip in time-space caused by the Fongoids

Before the Great Clock was constructed, the Fongoids were given the gift of time travel by the Zoni. Through abuse of this gift, they created a small tear in the space-time continuum which destroyed 83 celestial entities. To prevent this from happening again, Orvus disallowed Fongoid use of time travel and had the Great Clock constructed to keep time in balance. Orvus claimed that using the clock improperly could rip the universe apart, and that under no circumstance should the Clock be used as a time machine.

Recruiting Sigmund


Orvus eventually found Sigmund, a cleaner bot in planet Viceron. Orvus temporarily left the clock to recruit him as Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock. Sigmund accepted the offer and he and Orvus became great friends through the years, sometime during the years he also was possibly the Zoni who gave the Fulcrum Star to Captain Darkwater.

Ratchet & Clank

While Orvus does not appear in Ratchet & Clank (2002 game), he does have a role in the game's events.
Clank memory

An image of Clank from Orvus's data banks

After eons passed, Orvus would create Clank, his son, in the Great Clock. Orvus gave him a zoni soul and a robotic body in a robot factory on planet Quartu. Orvus also installed a program of himself into Clank's subconscious, which could be accessed via a Mnemonic station. This program could train Clank to protect the Great Clock. Clank's mother realized that Clank would be able to stop Drek. However, Sentry-bots soon classified Clank as a production error and attempted destroy him, but Clank escaped to Veldin where he met his lifelong friend, Ratchet. Orvus later made a recruitment video for Clank with Sigmund, explaining why the Great Clock was made.

Between Deadlocked and Tools of Destruction

This is your last chance, Orvus. How do I get into the chamber‽
―Dr. Nefarious interrogating Orvus  [ACiT]
Walkthrough 140

Orvus being shot and weakened by a blast from the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler

Later, Dr. Nefarious requested a meeting with Orvus. Orvus accepted the offer, not knowing that Nefarious only wanted to know how to enter the Orvus Chamber as part of his latest plan. Orvus instructed Sigmund to keep the meeting a secret via a recorded message. Nefarious trapped Orvus in a transparent container and tried to force Orvus into revealing how to enter the chamber. While he did this, Pollyx scanned Orvus's memory for the information, but could find nothing. Orvus refused to give Nefarious the information, and pleaded with him, telling Nefarious that the Clock was not a time machine. Frustrated, Nefarious signaled for Orvus to be blasted with the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler. Despite already being weakened by Nefarious, Orvus managed to hold off the beam. Surprisingly strong, Orvus declared that only one could enter the chamber, and that he was safe from Nefarious. As soon as he had said this, he disappeared in a flash of light, and though he survived,[2] was not heard from again. Pollyx managed to capture a residual image from Orvus's data banks just as he dissipated—an image of Clank. With this clue, Nefarious set out to capture Clank.

A Crack in Time

The Clock, much like time itself, is a gift, and not to be tampered with. But like any father, my only wish is that my son does that which makes him feel whole. You are an intelligent and logical being, Clank, but intelligence and logic would have been wasted gifts without honor and loyalty. I am proud to see you came into those on your own. So, should The Clock be too small for your plans, I pray the cosmos light the way towards a future, you yourself design. And remember, the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. The trick is, learning how to take a joke. Heheheheheh!
―Orvus's final message to Clank.  
Orvus message

Orvus's final message to Clank

During Clank's time as the Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, the digital version of Orvus in Clank's subconscious would train him when he utilized Mnemonic Chambers.

Orvus had made a final message to be played when Clank had entered the Orvus Chamber. Even though he wanted Clank to watch over the Clock in his place, Orvus said that his only wish was that Clank did what "made him feel whole." Clank chose to go with Ratchet in the end, realizing he couldn't leave his friend. Clank gave his job as Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock to Sigmund instead and flew off into the stars with Ratchet in search of another adventure.

Character Details

Family and signifcant relations

His son was the robot Clank. It is unknown if he has met Clank's mother, although he did select her as the mother of Clank.

Sigmund acted as his Junior Caretaker ever since he was collected from Viceron.


Orvus possessed a personality somewhat similar to his son. Possessing both a great intelligence and a sense of humor. He was also very determined and strong willed, as shown during his confrontation with Nefarious.


Being a Zoni, Orvus was incredibly powerful, possessing all of the usual traits of his race. He was also the brightest Zoni in existence, and with his great intlligence managed to create the Great Clock.


Temple of Zahn Orvus

A statue of Orvus in the Temple of Zahn

  • One of Orvus's similarities to Clank was his laugh, which was almost exactly the same as his Clank's.
  • The symbol on Orvus's head resembled the one on Alister Azimuth's armor.
  • Orvus also had a golden statue of himself in the Temple of Zahn, probably because he gave the Zoni vessel to the Fongoids.


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