Croid Bot

A Croid Bot, being controlled by an Operator

Operators,[1] also known as Pilot Robots, were robots found throughout planet Magnus and the orbiting Phonica Moon. Originally mining robots, they had been drafted into combat roles via operating turrets and mechs.

Operators would never directly assault Ratchet, Clank, Qwark nor Nefarious; they would always use either use turrets or mechs to do the dirty work, as they, themselves, lacked any means of psychically assaulting the heroes, themselves.

These robots could often be found within the ranks of Minions; however, large numbers were also found to be working for Dr. Frumpus Croid, much like Slambots.

Operator Operated Machinery


  • Since Operators were the only robotic foe to be found in both the ranks of the Minions and Croid's private army, this suggests Operators existed before the rise the Minions. Their design; however, does share similar features that were standard on other Minions, such as Slambot, Scout Minion and Mortar Minion. Given that most of the Minions were designed by Dr. Nevo Binklemeyer rather than Loki Master, it's likely Operators were designed by Nevo himself.
  • Operators can only be directly assaulted by Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark and Dr. Nefarious when operating a Proton Turret.
  • Operators were capable of drinking water, this was observed in the The Deadgrove, when a Operator was relaxing next to a water cooler, sipping water from a plastic cup.



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