Ratchet and Klunk vs. Courtney Gears


Assault on Metropolis



Operation: Urban Storm

The fight against Nefarious




Metropolis, planet Kerwan, Solana Galaxy, normal dimension, omniverse


Metropolis is saved, Thyrranoids retreat


Robotic Thyrranoids/Robonoids

Galactic Rangers Q-Force


Unknown number of Thyrranoids


Unknown number of Thyrranoids killed

Unknown number of Galactic Rangers killed

Operation: URBAN STORM was the mission the Galactic Rangers were assigned on Kerwan during Dr. Nefarious's reign. It involved protecting Metropolis from the robot Tyhrranoids' invasion. After Ratchet helped, the Rangers awarded him the Map-O-Matic.


  • Countdown: The Thyrranoids have occupied Metropolis and planted times explosives throughout the city. When the clock runs out the entire area will be vaporized. Using the Hovership, locate and neutralize all of the charges before it is too late. (Reward 1st time: 10,000 bolts / Challenge Mode: 40,000 bolts)
  • Urban Combat: The bomb threat is over but the Tyhrranoids still control most of Metropolis. The Rangers are preparing to counterattack and drive the invaders out, but first, they'll need a foothold in the city. Skydive in and make sure the operation goes as planned. (Reward 1st time: 35,000 bolts / Challenge Mode: 140,000 bolts)
  • Tower Attack: After failing to destroy the Ranger assault force, the Thyrranoids have fallen back to four towers in the city center. Use the Hovership to wipe out these last pockets of resistance. (Reward 1st time: 20,000 bolts / Challenge Mode: 80,000 bolts)
  • Air Superiority: The ground war has been won, but the skies over Metropolis are still buzzing with enemy ships. Use the Hovership to wipe out the enemy air force and achieve air superiority. (Reward 1st time: 15,000 bolts / Challenge Mode: 60,000 bolts)
  • Turret Command: The Tyhrranoids have launched a desperate last ditch offensive to retake Metropolis. Beat back the assault using a newly constructed ion-cannon turret. (Reward 1st time: 20,000 bolts / Challenge Mode: 80,000 bolts)


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