Battle of Veldin


Assault on Tyhrranosis

Operation: Iron Shield

The fight against Nefarious




Presidential Compound, planet Marcadia, Solana Galaxy, normal dimension, omniverse


Presidential Compound protected


Nefarious' army

Galactic Rangers




Unknown number of Tyhrranoids


Unknown number of Galactic Rangers killed

Operation: IRON SHIELD was the climax of the Tyhrranoid invasion of Marcadia. After receiving a distress call from President Phyronix, Captain Sasha Phyronix of the Starship Phoenix commissioned Ratchet and Clank to stop the assault. After fighting off several waves of the Tyhrranoids, protecting the Galactic Ranger forces stationed there, using and later, repairing a turret against Dropships, and establishing an anti-aircraft defense network, the Tyhrranoid forces were routed.


Operation: IRON SHIELD was comprised of five missions who each had a different objective which all came together to help beat back the Tyhrranoids.

Tyhrranoid Invasion

As part of Dr. Nefarius's plan to take over the galaxy, one of his first targets was Solana's Capital on Marcadia. At first, the Rangers stationed there were completely overwhelmed, and were beaten back to the President's Compound. They were forced to send out a distress call to the Starship Phoenix.

Secure the Area

Sarge! You're just in time! We must the defend the Presidential Palace.
— A Galactic Ranger, UYA

After fighting his way to the dropship, Ratchet flew to the Presidential Compound, where he immediately found the Ranger forces under assault from the Tyhrranoids. After taking out several waves of Tyhrranoid Saucers and dropships, Ratchet and the Rangers were able to halt the invasion long enough to establish a defensive position.

Air Assault

They're right on on top of us!
— A Galactic Ranger, UYA

Once Ratchet and the Rangers had established a defensive position in the center of the Compound's courtyard, the Tyhrranoids commenced their second attack. Facing several fierce onslaughts of saucers and dropships, the Rangers continued to stress it was of the utmost importance to keep at least one of the four remaining Rangers alive. Finally, the group survived a Tyhrranoid airdrop right into the center of their position.

Turret Command

This is the last wave, Sarge! Don't give those puss-buckets an inch!
— A Galactic Ranger, UYA

Now that the Tyhrranoid's ground forces had been beaten back, Ratchet was ordered to commandeer a turret to help destroy the Tyhrranoid's fleet of dropships. The Rangers spread out amongst the courtyard to fight off the remaining ground troops and saucers. The Tyhrranoids launched a major assault, but Ratchet was still able to hold them off, and devastate their air support.

Under the Gun

The repairs are finished! Now we'll give those 'Noids a taste of their own medicine!
— A Galactic Ranger, UYA

Despite fending off the Tyhrranoid air attack, the turret suffered enough damage therefor to be rendered inoperable. Ratchet and the leftover Rangers had to protect the 3-man repair crew from enemy fire for 2 minutes. The Tyhrranoids focused their fire on the repair crew, but Ratchet and Clank were able to hold them off long enough for the turret to be repaired.

Hit and Run

Mission accomplished. We owe you for this one, Sarge.
— A Galactic Ranger, UYA

With the anti aircraft turret back online, the Compound's own anti aircraft defense network was unveiled. Ratchet had to turn the bolt crank on all 5 turret nodes to link the network together and secure the area. With the combined firepower of the defense network and the anti aircraft gun, it became impossible for any Tyhrranoid forces to land near the compound.


Once the Tyhrranoid attack was stopped, the President came out to thank Ratchet, although he gave the credit to Clank due to the association with Secret Agent Clank. Ratchet was sent to the Laser Defence Facility to repair the city's network of lasers. There Ratchet acquired the Refractor and the 1st Qwark vid-comic, and the Tyhrranoid forces were stopped completely.