Operation: DEATH VALLEY was the mission the Galactic Rangers were assigned at Outpost X12 on Aridia during Dr. Nefarious's invasion of planets in the Solana galaxy.[1] Struggling to hold back the Tyhrranoids, they contacted Ratchet for help.[1] Ratchet helped repel the Thyrranoid's from the Galactic Ranger's base before pushing them back into Red Rock Valley.[1] After assassinating several Robonoid Commanders and reclaiming the valley, they assaulted the Tyhrranoid base, defeating the invaders. The Galactic Rangers gave Ratchet a Warp Pad to thank him for his efforts.[1]


Operation: DEATH VALLEY took place in five separate missions,[1] with each missions having a separate objective with the overall goal of defeating the Tyhrranoid forces and reaching their base.[2]

Tyhrranoid invasion

Galactic Rangers H22 birthday

A Galactic Ranger in a transmission to Ratchet and Clank

You guys just hang in there. I'll be there as soon as I can.
Ratchet responding to the Galactic Rangers' request for help., UYA

The mission started with the Tyhrranoid invasion of Aridia.[1][2] The Galactic Rangers were assigned to repel the invaders; however, they struggled to do so and were held back at their base with the Tyhrranoid forces emerging from the tunnels. Pinned down they contact Ratchet while he was exploring the Crash Site on Zeldrin, asking him if he wanted to hang out with them and they claimed it was H22's birthday. Ratchet suspected it was actually a battle and the Rangers admitted they had tried to trick him. Ratchet told them to hang on and set out to help them.[1]

The Tunnels of Outpost X12

You got here just in time Sarge. Looks like the 'noids are getting ready to attack from those tunnels.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
The Tunnels of Outpost X12 infobox

Tyhrranoid forces attack the Galactic Rangers near their base

When Ratchet and Clank first arrived at Outpost X12, the Galactic Rangers were pinned down at their base by the attacking Tyhrranoid forces that were emerging from the tunnels.[1] After defeating the first Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids, Ratchet and Clank advanced into the tunnel to clear out more Tyhrranoid forces defending the other side of a small bridge.

The Tunnels of Outpost X12 Ratchet defending clearing tunnels

Ratchet and Clank attack Tyhrranoid forces as they cross the bridge inside the tunnels

While Ratchet picked off the Tyhrranoids, several One-Eyed Robonoids crossed the bridge in an offensive maneuver.[1] Leaving the Galactic Rangers to defend the base, Ratchet advanced into a building adjacent to the tunnel where several Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids were waiting. After defeating these forces, Tyhrranoid Saucers and One-Eyed Robonoids stormed the building from the exit to the valley. A Tyhrranoid Dropship blocked the path through the valley. Ratchet quickly dispatched it, giving him and the Rangers access to Red Rock Valley and the Hovership.[1]

Ambush in Red Rock Valley

Sarge, we got 'noids all over the place. We need backup!
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
Ambush in Red Rock Valley air support bridge

Ratchet and Clank use the Hovership to defend the Galactic Rangers trapped on the platform

With the Hovership now available, Ratchet and Clank were able to move into Red Rock Valley and assist the four Galactic Rangers trapped on a platform.[1] The Galactic Rangers had set up a defensive barricade and were able to fight back with support from Ratchet.[1] Tyhrranoid ground forces, consisting of Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids, teleported in from all directions, firstly from the end towards the tunnels and the Galactic Ranger's base, secondly from the Tyhrranoid base side in an counter-clockwise co-ordinated attack. After the first two waves, twelve Tyhrranoid Saucers attacked from a valley between two ramps.[1] After the majority of the saucers were destroyed, a Tyhrranoid Dropship came from the Tyhrranoid base along with further ground reinforcements that moved towards the small bridge in the valley, next to the ramp. As a final attack, further ground reinforcements arrived from the other side near the larger bridge with air support, including more Tyhrranoid Saucers and another Dropship.[1]

Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers managed to defend the position and retreat back to the tunnels to regroup.[1]


Give those four-eyed scum sacks a whooping for us.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
Assassination commander distance 1

Tyhrranoid forces defend the location of a Robonoid Commander

The Galactic Rangers closed the tunnel access to their base and left Ratchet with a Turbo Slider while they claimed to have a mandatory aerobics class. Ratchet had to eliminate the six Robonoid Commanders, identified by intel gathered by the Galactic Rangers,[2] throughout the valley.[1]

One commander was located next to the tunnel opening and the Turbo Slider on top of a rock. A grav-ramp was located at the back of this rock but was defended by several Tyhrranoid's behind defensive barricades.[1]

Another commander was just over the bridge from the original position of the Turbo Slider on another large rock. The rock had bridge access defended by barricaded Tyhrranoids and several also defended the ground around the base where two Nanotech crates were located.[1]

Assassination commander 3

A Tyhrranoid commander hovers next to the main bridge

A commander was also located flying around the large bridge to the side of the valley. A Three-Eyed Robonoid with a barricade defended each section and six Tyhrranoid Saucers were hidden underneath the bridge ready to ambush opposing forces.[1]

Across the bridge on a large, raised platform a Robonoid Commander appeared to be lightly defended. After using the grav-ramp to access the platform several Tyhrranoid Saucers appeared to defend the commander.[1]

Assassination commander central platform

A Robonoid Commander commander and several Tyhrranoid Saucers hover around a platform in the middle of the valley

Near to the tunnels leading towards the Tyhrranoid base another commander set up a defensive perimeter around a raised structure. The commander stayed behind the structure on ground level surrounded by Tyhrranoid forces on the structure and barricaded on the ground around him. The structure had a grav-ramp on the higher platform and a bridge section that allowed access underneath which was protected by further barricades.[1]

One commander was hovering over the platform which the Galactic Rangers had previously been trapped on with four Tyhrranoid Saucers to defend him. With hypershot access, Ratchet either picked off the forces from a distance or jumped across and defeated the Tyhrranoid commander and his defenders.[1]

After defeating all six commanders the Galactic Rangers regrouped their forces in preparation to reclaim the valley.[1]

Reclaim the Valley

Sarge, we need to reclaim those turrets to activate a defensive perimeter around the valley.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
Reclaim the Valley rangers support

Ratchet, Clank and the Galactic Rangers begin their attack to recapture the turret nodes

With the Tyhrranoid commanders eliminated the Galactic Rangers initiated a counterattack to reclaim Red Rock Valley.[2] In order to do this they needed the four node's bolt cranks activated to active auto-turrets capable of maintaining a defensive perimeter in the valley.[2] Ratchet and Clank, along with two Galactic Rangers started the mission just outside the tunnels leading to the Ranger's base. They crossed the bridge and fought through Tyhrranoid forces scattered throughout the valley to reach a node near to the platform they had earlier been trapped on. Ratchet activated the bolt crank and the Galactic Rangers told Ratchet he could handle the other nodes by himself while defended the first turret. A Turbo Slider was located there that Ratchet and Clank could use.[1]

Tyhrranoid forces including Ultra-Mecha-Tyhrranoids and Three-Eyed Robonoids were spread throughout the valley with Tyhrranoid Missile Stations defending the bolt cranks. One node was located on the other side of the large bridge where the Turbo Slider was made available. Tyhrranoids patrolled around the bolt-crank and on the bridge. Missile Stations were present on both sides of the purple liquid that ran under the bridge.[1]

Reclaim the Valley node 4

Tyhrranoid forces guard a node

Another node was behind a large structure near the tunnels leading to the Tyhrranoid base. In addition to several Tyhrranoid forces defending the surrounding area, Missile Stations were placed on top of the structure. A node was also located near to the tunnels leading to the Galactic Ranger's base. Missile Stations were placed on top of a large rock and could reach the bolt-crank. This meant Ratchet had to defeat the ground forces and then use the grav-ramp to destroy the turret before accessing the node.[1]

After capturing all four nodes the perimeter defenses were reactivated and Red Rock Valley was reclaimed.[1]

X12 Endgame

The enemy base is wide open. Time to finish the job.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA
X12 Endgame Ratchet attacking in tunnels

Ratchet and Clank assist the Galactic Rangers in chasing the Tyhrranoids through the tunnels

With Red Rock Valley reclaimed, two Galactic Rangers and Ratchet advanced on the retreating Tyhrranoids by chasing them through the tunnels.[1] The Tyhrranoids deployed Tyhrranoid Saucers to cover their retreat.[1] After entering the a room inside the tunnel structure, three Three-Eyed Tyhrranoids hid behind pillars and fired at Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers. After eliminating them they moved on to the bridge leading to the Tyhrranoid base. Three-Eyed Tyhrranoids and Ultra-Mecha Tyhrranoids crossed the bridge and were destroyed by Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers.[1] After crossing the bridge themselves a Tyhrranoid Dropship blocked their path to the Tyhrranoid base. Ratchet destroyed the Dropship leaving the Tyhrranoid base wide open to an attack. The Galactic Rangers remained in the tunnel opening while Ratchet took out the two Gatling Turrets defending the base, and successfully ending the operation.[1]


Galactic Ranger warp pad

A Galactic Ranger with a Warp Pad

Inform command that Outpost X12 has been secured.
— A Galactic Ranger., UYA

After the battle the Galactic Rangers informed command that Outpost X12 had been secured and then gave Ratchet a spare Warp Pad.[1] With the Tyhrranoid forces defeated Ratchet went back to the Starship Phoenix and eventually destroyed the Biobliterator, before confronting Nefarious and a second Biobliterator at his Command Center on Mylon.[1][2] The Galactic Rangers helped Ratchet defeat Nefarious's forces on Mylon.[1][2]



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