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The one-eyed tyhrranoid was a type of Tyhrranoid encountered in Up Your Arsenal and later again in Secret Agent Clank. Considered the weakest type of tyhrranoid, they rely solely on numbers to attack opponents. A slightly stronger tiger-striped variant, known as the one-eyed tyhrranoid v2, replaces the normal version on Kavu Island and any other areas onwards. Once Nefarious activated his Biobliterator in Metropolis the tyhrranoids were turned into robonoids, with the one-eyed tyhrranoid and its V2 version thus being known as one-eyed robonoid and one-eyed robonoid V2, respectively.

Some of the standard type were incarcerated on the Prison Planet.


Up Your Arsenal

First encountered on Veldin, Ratchet would repeatedly encounter the one-eyed tyhrranoid in combat. Despite their apparent simple and near-suicidal nature, they also have some intelligence as they were used as doorkeepers, though it appears only a toothless-variant was employed as such. Ratchet could bypass these using the Tyhrra-Guise, won on Annihilation Nation, which allowed him to turn into a one-eyed tyhhranoid and converse with doorkeepers to gain entry through doors and across bridges.

Upon being turned into robonoids they exhibited more intellect, as it became harder to trick them into gaining entry past their area.


In Deadlocked a one-eyed tyhrranoid appears to be getting married to another one in Queer Eye for the Tyhrranoid. However, the male Tyhrranoid turns out to be a psytopus.

Secret Agent Clank


One-Eyed Tyhrranoids at the Prison Planet.

Encountered in Secret Agent Clank on the Prison Planet, the one-eyed tyhrranoid appear as incarcerated enemies during the arena battles. They are dressed in prison uniforms and appear as their organic variant.


The one-eyed tyhrranoids are a small variant of the tyhrranoids. They are blue and round with a normal pair of legs and arms, with their mouth appearing on the torso. One eye extends from the top of their torso from a stalk. Their advanced counterparts, the One-Eyed Tyhrranoids V2, were tiger-striped and have a slit rather than a pupil in their single eye.

Thyrranoids also seemed to have developed their own verbal language, heard while using the Thyrra-guise, consisting of burps and farts, which was notorious for being rather easy to use as a variety of odd insults with only minor differences in the use of 'words'.


Being the weakest type of tyhrranoid, they are effectively dispatched with a single OmniWrench swing or with the use of any weapon, though preferably one more focused on multiple weaker enemies. Their attack is a short-ranged bite, which can be countered by dodging. Another falling attack is seen on Holostar Studios, on a gravity tower where a Titanium Bolt is located.