Hey, check this out: Another wrench!
Ratchet finding the OmniWrench12000.  [GC]

The OmniWrench 12000[1] was another newer version of the OmniWrench 8000, found on planet Aranos. The Wrench was colored orange/red with teeth, similar to the original OmniWrench 8000. It dealt four times as much damage as the old OmniWrench 8000, which made it extremely effective against most larger enemies. The orange parts on the wrench would glow when bolt cranks were turned by Ratchet.

When Ratchet obtained the OmniWrench 12000—since Clank was not present at the time—he looked at the camera and said, "Hey, check this out: Another wrench!" This was a fourth wall break because, since Clank is not present, he told the player about his new wrench rather than Clank.

Ratchet continued to use this wrench during the events of Up Your Arsenal, and eventually stopped using it after being kidnapped for DreadZone, replacing it with an identical-looking Vox Industries Versa-Wrench Lite.

Inferno Power enhancement

New wrench 2

Ratchet finding the OmniWrench 12000

The "Infernox wrench" was an Omniwrench 12000 upgraded with Inferno Power from the Infernox Armor's Quantum Hellfire generator. It was capable of dealing with any enemy in one hit. The power was usable in-game via Inferno crates. When the power was activated Ratchet acquired an Infernox armor, and also a set of two OmniWrench 12000 on fire. The ability, wrench and armor only lasted for the limited time of Inferno power.

The only weapons available for use during the Inferno Mode usage were the two wrenches, as even pressing the O button triggered a wrench swing.


  • The names of the wrench upgrade was never explicitly stated in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando but in the official Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando Strategy Guide the wrench is called the OmniWrench 12000. However, the Help log of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal stated that the name of the wrench is simply OmniWrench 8000 possibly meaning it would be a different version of the original OmniWrench 8000.
  • Ratchet started with the OmniWrench 12000 in Up Your Arsenal. It was initially weaker than it was in Bogon, but Nanotech upgrades increased its power so that it became stronger.


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