OmniWrench 10K

The OmniWrench 10K was the wrench that Ratchet used during Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and while in prison in Secret Agent Clank.

It can be upgraded with OmniWrench 10K Mods that can give the wrench more power and effect. Mods can be acquired with a full set of armor. For example, when the Wildfire Armor was obtained the wrench would set on fire. It was unknown how he got it as he appeared with it at the beginning of Size Matters.


Wrench mod Challenge Effect
Fire-Bomb wrench mod Karmic Beatdown Throws off a fireball with each swing of the wrench, more for a Multi Strike.
Shock Crystal wrench mod Speak Softly And... Sprouts a ring of sharp crystals around Clank with a swing or Hyper Strike.
Wild Burst wrench mod Steel is Steel Exudes and dribbles putrid toxins. A Hyper Strike raises a poisonous blister that grows and bursts
Triple Wave wrench mod Catch-as-Catch-Can A Hyper Strike plants a mine that periodically emits a ring of damage, cycling through fire, electricity, and poison elements.

Behind the scenes

Wrench 10K action

Ratchet using the basic OmniWrench 10K


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