An OmniSoaker was a gadget engineered by Vullards that could suck up almost any liquid, including water, Breegus nectar, and oil. Water could be used to fill up Hydroplants, which could then be used as bouncy platforms to reach high places. Breegus nectar could be used to distract Tetramites. It could also be pumped onto Voltan Ivy so that Tetramites would scare the ivy. Oil could be used to loosen rusty objects such as bolt cranks. An OmniSoaker was given to Ratchet by a Vullard in Krell Canyon on planet Lumos.


  • In addition to water, nectar, and oil, the OmniSoaker was originally going to have two more liquids it could use: lava and gelatonium. Gelatonium was cut because the OmniSoaker could already be used to pump up Hydroplants to reach high distances, and another way to accomplish this with the same gadget seemed unnecessary. Lava was cut because Ratchet already had a variety of weapons to destroy enemies, and using Breegus nectar to make Tetramites kill enemies added to the quirky design of the game.[1]
  • The OmniSoaker bore resemblance to the Hydrodisplacer in both its appearance and functionality.
  • Vullards engineered the OmniSoaker for use in raritanium mines.


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