Many of you have asked if our Omegatech Defense System is capable of warding off evil spirits. The answer is no, no it is not.
Gumblebrick  [ItN]

The Omegatech Defense System was powerful defense system installed by the mayor of Weeblesnog City, Gumblebrick. It was installed throughout the Weeblesnog City in the hopes that it would protect the citizens and drive away the "ghosts" (who were really Nethers); despite it shear power, the defense system proved to be completely worthless at stopping the "ghosts." When all efforts failed to stop the "ghosts," all the citizens of Silox began to flee the Zarkov Sector to the nearest "non-haunted" sector. As the citizens left the planet, Gumblebrick asked that the last residents of Weeblesnog City keep reactivate the system before they left the sector.

When Ratchet and Clank entered Weeblesnog City, they had to be wary the Omegatech Defense System. Thugs-4-Less took control of some of these turrets and used them to protect key areas of interests throughout Weeblesnog City.


The Omegatech Defense System can't be defeated or deactivated, and they must be avoided at all costs. Stepping into the spotlight of Omegatech Defense System would result in instant vaporization by a powerful turret. Some paths are completely blocked by the defense system's spotlights, in which case the player has to take a different route. Ratchet is able to throw his wrench across the spotlight to grab Battery Bots on the other side without activating the turret. It will even vaporize Nightmares, so that wasn't advised as well.


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