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It's terrifying! It's revolting! That's right… it's a Nightmare-in-a-box! Turn the toughest thugs to jelly with the scariest weapon on the GrummelNet.
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description  [ItN]
Ratchet using Nightmare box

Ratchet using the Nightmare Box

The Nightmare-in-a-Box,[1] or Nightmare Box, was a weapon. When deployed it distracted enemies by scaring them with ghosts and goblins from a parallel universe, resulting in them temporarily fleeing in fear or attacking the box, after a short amount of time it would explode.[2]

It shot multiple types of Nightmares (resurrected Ghouls from the afterlife) to scare enemies, including a skeleton with a large head.[3]

The Nightmare Box upgraded into the Terroriser at V3.

Behind the scenes

Creaturebox zombitron

Concept art of the Zombitron

During pre-production, the Nightmare Box was originally called the Zombitron.



  • Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus game manual‏‎

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