The RYNO VII was a weapon used by Ratchet and the seventh weapon in the Rip Ya A New One weapon series. It was invented by The Plumber and Gadgetron, it functioned a lot like the RYNO V, and it played the song "Night on Bald Mountain."


RYNO VII Holoplan

A RYNO VII Holoplan

It was said that building a weapon even more powerful than the previous six RYNOs was impossible; however, the creation of the RYNO VII proved non-believers wrong. The Holo-Plan therefor was split by The Plumber into nine pieces, so that it would not fall into the wrong hands.

It was obtained by Ratchet when he had collected all 9 RYNO VII Holo plans, and gave them to The Plumber on Thram. It later upgraded to the RYNO VII Xtreme. The Omega RYNO VII Xtreme could be bought on challenge mode after upgrading it to the RYNO VII Xtreme for 1,000,000 bolts and 1 gold bolt.


Notes and references

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