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This Kerchu-engineered flamethrower offers your enemies two choices: regular or extra crispy!
GrummelNet weapon description  [ToD]

The Pyro Blaster was a Kerchu engineered and manufactured by GrummelNet flamethrower, like the Gadgetron Pyrocitor. It was first available for purchase on the Kreeli Comet for 100,000 bolts. The Pyro Blaster dealt exceptionally more damage than any other weapon available at that point in Ratchet's adventure, dealing 516 damage and holding 30 fuel units at V1 without any Raritanium weapon upgrades. With all of the available Raritanium upgrades and at V5, the Pyro Blaster held a maximum ammo capacity of 40 fuel units, and could reach a maximum damage of 1,230. The width of this flamethrower's fire stream could be increased with the Superheated Fuel Injector, which injected an extra stream of superheated fuel at the nozzle of the weapon. At V5, the Pyro Blaster upgraded into the Incinerator, which boasted twin intertwining streams of scorching super hot plasma.

Tools of Destruction

Weaponmarttv pyroblaster

The Pyro Blaster on WeaponMART TV


Damage increased by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 516
  • V2: 619
  • V3: 743
  • V4: 892
  • V5: 1,070

Raritanium upgrades

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

The Pyro Blaster returned in All 4 One. As a promotion, it could be obtained earlier in gameplay by pre-ordering the game from Best Buy.[1]


The muzzle of the weapon was significantly larger, and the rusty color scheme was changed to a more colorful style.The Elite version is when fired at enemies,a small flame appears on them dealing damage to them over time.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Pyro turret

The Pyro Turret

Pyro Blaster returns in Full Frontal Assault as a weapon to collect in weapon pods and as a turret.  When upgraded with experience, the Pyro Blaster becomes the Alpha Pyro Blaster at V3.The Pyro Turret has the smallest range of all the turrets in Full Frontal Assault, but it does more damage than the combuster turret.  

In Game Summaries

Can be upgraded to the Incinerator, which burns things even hotter.
Holocard Description  [R&C (PS4)]


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