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Buzz Blades
Hey, hey, hey! You could've taken someone's eye out with those things!
Qwark, at the Imperial Fight Festival after firing the Buzz Blades  [ToD]

The Buzz Blades was a weapon which shot lethal saw blades which ricocheted off enemies and almost any surface. It was engineered by a rogue gang of Kerchu carpenters,[1] and manufactured by GrummelNet. After a saw blade hit an enemy, it curved back onto that enemy for multiple hits. When used in small, closed areas, the Buzz Blades were very effective as they made a short work of enemies with all the ricochets. The Buzz Blades had a high rate of fire and therefore a large ammo capacity. At V5, the Buzz Blades upgraded into the Doom Blades, which fired blades soaked in a high molarity, Raritanium piercing hydro-chloric biocidic acid that continued to damage enemies long after the blades had found their mark.


The Buzz Blades was similar to the Chopper from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and the Disc Blade Gun from Up Your Arsenal, in the sense that it shot saw blades. However, the Buzz Blades had a higher rate of fire, a larger ammo capacity, and smaller saw blades. The Buzz Blades were also an improvement from the Disc Blade Gun, as the saws curved back onto an enemy after the first hit. However, the saw blades did not multiply after each ricochet like the Disc Blade Gun's upgrade, the Multi-Disc Launcher. The Netherblades from Into the Nexus was much more similar to the Buzz Blades, despite having less ammo.


Tools of Destruction

Buzz Blades firing

The Buzz Blades unleash a hail of saw blades on Sargasso

In Tools of Destruction the Buzz Blades cost 40,000 bolts and was first available at the Pirate Base on planet Ardolis. The Buzz Blades had an ammo capacity of 200 saw blades which dealt 45 damage each without Raritanium upgrades. The Buzz Blades shot approximately 10 saw blades per second, making it one of the most lethal weapons of the game. With Raritanium upgrades the Buzz Blades could reach a maximum ammo capacity of 260 saw blades which dealt 112 damage each. This weapon's special Raritanium upgrade was Cesium Blade Edges, which caused the saw blades to embed themselves in walls or enemies when they could no longer ricochet, and then explode.[2]


Damage increases by 20% of previous damage every upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 45
  • V2: 54
  • V3: 64
  • V4: 77
  • V5: 93
Raritanium Upgrades

A Crack in Time

In A Crack in Time the Buzz Blades were first available at Vorselon's Warship for 48,000 bolts and 24,000 bolts with the Tools of Destruction discount.[3] The Buzz Blades started with an ammo capacity of 75 saw blades, lower than Tools of Destruction's 200 saw blades. By V2, the ammo capacity was at 100 saw blades, and at V5 the ammo capacity reached 125 saw blades. It should be noted that in Tools of Destruction it took the saw blades several seconds to curve back onto enemies. However, in A Crack in Time the saw blades curved back onto enemies almost instantly, causing them to swarm around enemies.[4] This made it function more like the Chopper from Going Commando. Also, the Buzz Blades fired a a lower rate than in Tools of Destruction, about six buzz blades per second, but the rate of fire was improved to about eight saw blades per second by upgrading the weapon to V4. Once upgraded to V5 it became the Doom Blades.

GrummelNet Preview
Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Buzz Blades00:23

Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time - How-To Buzz Blades

GrummelNet preview for the Buzz Blades

"Buzz Blades are perfect for taking out hordes of enemies. Just hold down the trigger to fire the blades and watch as they ricochet off everything they come into contact with. Before you know it, you will be the last Lombax standing. Buzz Blades. Available only at GrummelNet!"

Full Frontal Assault

Screenshot 2 rnc ffa by darkflich

Ratchet using the Buzz Blades in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The Buzz Blades in Full Frontal Assault were very similar to the Disc Blade Gun in that the weapon had a much lower rate of fire. It was more powerful. It was found in the QForce weapon pod inside the base, just like the Combuster. It started with 30 ammo at LVL1, but had increased ammo as it upgraded. When upgraded to LVL3, it became the Alpha Buzz Blades

Weapon summaries

It slices, it dices - it sends super-sharp razor blades towards unsuspecting foes at dizzying speeds. These razor blades can also bounce off objects before finding their intended target
―Survival Guide Weapon Description  [ToD]
Fires high-velocity rounds of lethal blades, designed to ricochet off any surface.
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description  [ACiT]


  • The saw blades in Tools of Destruction glowed blue and had blue sparkle trails, but the blades in A Crack in Time did not glow, and had yellow trails.
  • In Tools of Destruction the ammo for the Buzz Blades were called "Buzz Blades saws" or "Doom Blades saws," depending on whether the weapon was at V5. In A Crack in Time the ammo was called "Buzz Blades," regardless of whether the weapon was at V5 or not.
  • The Buzz Blades V5 version, the Doom Blades, was held with two hands in Tools of Destruction, but in A Crack in Time the weapon was held with one hand, like a pistol, even through there was still another handle for Ratchet's other hand.


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