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Constructo Bomb artwork

Constructo Bomb artwork

Constructo Bomb basic

A basic model Constructo Bomb

The Constructo Bomb Glove (or simply the Constructo Bomb) is a GrummelNet-made Constructo Weapon similar to the Gadgetron-made Bomb Glove. The Constructo Bomb Glove (like other the Constructo weapons) can be customized with a variety of Constructo Mods or with a custom paint job. Constructo Mods for this weapon included mods that could make the explosion tall for taking out aircraft, cause the bombs to detonate after a three-second trigger, or even scatter mini-bombs from each explosion. This Constructo Weapon was first available for purchase in Zolar Forest on Planet Quantos for one-thousand (1,000) bolts. At V5, it became the Mega Constructo Bomb, which had dealt more damage and had a bigger ammo capacity than its predecessor.


Changes over previous version upon weapon upgrade (damage upgrades every time):

  • V1: starts with ammo capacity of ten (10)
  • V2: better ammo capacity of twelve (12)
  • V3: better area-of-effect
  • V4: better range effect
  • V5: better ammo capacity of fourteen (14)

Constructo Mods




Tactics and combinations

There are many combinations of these mods, but it is best to make them fit your style to play. Following these tips may get you started: when you buy the constructo bomb glove, you get two of the mods mentioned earlier : contact trigger and explosive payload. Do not get rid of the contact trigger, it's the best trigger available. When you get enough mods try these tips: If you want to get rid of a great amount of smaller enemies, you should equip these: shockwave payload and shrapnel upgrade, the shockwaves will spread far away along the ground and the shrapnel will kill anything small out the shockwaves radius. If you want to take out big enemies very fast attach skyburst payload and toxic upgrade, The skyburst does help a bit but the main idea is that it makes the toxic blobs rain on the enemy, doing awesome damage. But if you like the old and effective Bouncer, just use explosive payload and barrage upgrade it's the basic form of the upgraded bomb weapons.


  • If the player wears a skin while having the Constructo Bomb equipped, it only shows the bomb but not the glove.
  • Ratchet threw a Constructo Bomb at Nefarious' face when he confronted him at the Tombli Outpost in the past, giving him a scar. It should also be noted that Ratchet did not need a glove to hold the bomb. This probably means the bomb is produced by the glove, but the glove is not needed to throw a bomb.
  • The Constructo Bomb has the same logo as the Fusion Bomb from Tools of Destruction.
  • The explosion type (airburst, shockwave, or standard) also affected the direction of the seconadry type (shrapnel, acid, mini-bomb)


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