The OmegaTech Frost Cannon is a weapon that sprayed a beam of frost and ice onto enemies, gradually freezing them in their place. When there were no enemies near the character, the cannon would not shoot a beam and instead upchuck ice-cold air, wasting no ammunition. If the Frost Cannon was used together with a partner, it would create an arctic explosion that froze nearby enemies.

Due to being superior to the Freeze mod, it presumably froze enemies at temperatures even colder than -253 °C.

The Elite Omegatech Frost Cannon was the upgraded version of the OmegaTech Frost Cannon. It froze enemies more quickly than it the regular Frost Cannon did. It also had a spiked ring around the barrel that spun when the frost cannon was fired.


A similar weapon, the Cryoshot, has been a usable weapon in Full Frontal Assault.

In Game Summaries

Sprays a beam of frost and ice that gradually freezes an enemy. When multiple frost cannon beams strike an enemy it creates a devastating arctic blast that freezes other nearby enemies. Perfect for turning your enemies into frozen dinner.
Holocard Description  [R&C (PS4)]
Frost Cannon used

Small Bouncers can be seen frozen in place by the Frost Cannon


  • The OmegaTech Frost Cannon originally was simply named the Frost Cannon.


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