Men, you are about to embark on a very dangerous mission! We will be launching a heavily armed surprise attack from our new moonbase against a completely unarmed planet. Actually, that doesn't sound too dangerous…
Drek, R&C

Oltanis was a planet plagued by deadly lightning storms (which was the reason Clank couldn't go and explore with Ratchet). In order to stop the storms from causing any damage, the residents utilized massive lightning attractors that harnessed the energy. The citizens of Oltanis were completely unarmed, preferring to live peaceful lives rather than to go to war. This made the planet an easy target for Drek of the Blarg, during his attempt to create a new planet for his people on Orxon. The stated aim of the unprovoked attack was the theft of Gorda City's numerous power generators, which would be used to supply energy to Drek's New Planet instead. The population suffered heavily at Drek's hands, but have likely recovered from the disaster since then.


Ratchet, on Oltanis


Oltanis was a highly developed, peaceful and unarmed planet in the Solana Galaxy. Using power generators, the planet's energy needs were filled by the planet's continuous lighting storms.

The lighting collectors; however, would eventually attracted the attention of Drek, who was attempting to build a new homeworld for his kind the Blarg, as their homeworld of Orxon had become extremely polluted. He hoped to use power generators within Gorda City to power his own planet, thus he devised a plan. Drek ordered the construction Gemlik Base, a Blarg space base, within Oltanis Orbit so the Blarg could launch a surprise attack.

Oltanis Orbit


Gemlik Base in Oltanis Orbit

Oltanis Orbit was the orbit of Planet Oltanis.

It was where the Blarg had set up the Gemlik Moonbase. This was the place that Ratchet & Clank faced off against and defeated Qwark in his Starfighter. It was from the Gemlik Moonbase that Drek launched his unprovoked attack on the defenseless planet of Oltanis.

Characters on Oltanis



You can purchase the Personal Delivery Assistant (PDA) for 1,000 bolts after seeing "Captain Qwark." The Morph-O-Ray is also acquired after searching the destroyed city.


  • Oltanis is much like Planet Stygia, which also has frequent lightning storms, but these are deflected by a shield located at the  Tempus Control Station.
  • Although Clank is unable to exit the ship because of the lightning, Darla Gratch and the metallic enemies can still somehow survive outside.
  • Completing every mission in the level would make a Blarg Interceptor shoot a missile to the statue in the center of the city, which would reveal a button. Pressing the button would then create a chain of Versa-targets that would lead to a Gold Bolt.
  • If examined and compared very closely, it resembles Rilgar of the same game.