Obani Pollux was the second moon in the Zygan System. Nefarious erased all coordinates to this moon and made it accessible only through a teleporter on Obani Gemini. As a mostly cybernetic moon with cybernetic vegetation, Obani Pollux also featured the controls for the Omega-class disintegration system which surrounded Obani Draco. Like Obani Gemini, it had a very uneven surface consisting of many cliffs.

Obani Pollux was about the size of Obani Gemini, but only the lighter half was explored by Ratchet, which had more buildings and trees than the darker side, which were mostly bare and generally inaccessible.

Characters on Obani Pollux



  • Pollux is part of a real constellation, Gemini.
  • Obani Pollux and Obani Gemini were the only moons in the Zygan System that orbited Obani that did not have flat surfaces. Obani Draco was the moon that had a flat surface.
  • There was a way to access the dark side of this moon. Go to where Ratchet met Skid McMarx. Turn around, go left to the diagonal edge, then look down. You would see the entrance; use the Charge Boots, tap R1 twice then hold down on the analog stick. You will go sideways - keep holding it then you will be on a forest-like path. To verify this check the map.


Pollux is the name of a 'real' star.