Obani Moon War

Obani,Obani Moon System, Zygan System, Solana Galaxy





Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg

The Obani Moon War or the Obani War was a military conflict involving the Obanians and an unknown enemy over planet Obani and its three moons.[1]


The conflict took place on planet Obani three moons, Obani Gemini, Obani Pollux and Obani Draco, orbiting it from the Obani Moon System in the Zygan System.

The Obanian Army, the military of the Obanians, attempted to defend the moons from the invaders.

At some point in the midst of the conflict, Ivan Von Shellshocktonberg, known as ShellShock today, was recruited into the Obanian Army by Friendly Chemicals, a subdivision of the Obanian Army, to give him a fully mechanical headpiece after a freak accident at a Go-Comet bot parts retail depot left him several paralyzed from the neck up.[2]

Six months later, Ivan was hit in the head by an enemy cruise missile, the resulting explosion destroyed everything below his neck, and caused some damages to his neck and head. Friendly Chemicals replaced his organic body with a fully mechanical one, and replaced his destroyed brain-tissue with that a super-charged Mr. Headache Coffee Machine, making Ivan more machine than man.[3]

Ivan with his new cybernetic enhancements, continued to serve in the Obanian Army, where he became a decorated war hero. However, the brain damaged endured by Ivan since the cruise missile incident, over time caused him grow angry at the world. Near the end of the war, Ivan went AWOL from the Obanian Army, and eventually joined DreadZone, a Holovision show on the Vox Network.[4]



  • It is unknown if the Obanians were victorious in this conflict.
  • By the time Ratchet and Clank visited the Obani Moon System in the Zygan System, Obani Gemini, Obani Pollux and Obani Draco were under occupation by Dr. Nefarious' forces, whom were using Obani Draco to test the Biobliterator. It's possible that Nefarious' forces were the ones that invaded Obani and its moons, and thus brought about the Obani Moon Wars. However, no actual evidence beyond conjecture exists, so it's possible that an entirely different group had invaded the Zygan System before the return of Dr. Nefarious to the Solana Galaxy.



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