The Obani Moons of the Zygan System were three small moons in orbit of an planet Obani. Nefarious constructed his first version of the Bio-Bliterator here. Long ago, there was an Obani Moon War, that ShellShock fought in.

Obani Gemini

Obani Gemini was the first Obani Moon. It was filled with disconnected satellites and dangerous robots. The satellites kept a forcefield around a teleport to Obani Pollux. The moon's surface looks like an old forest, but underneath, there are small lava pits. Many parts of unused machinery have been left here, perhaps from the days of the Obani Moon war. A large asteroid ring circled around the moon.

Obani Gemini: Pollux

Obani Gemini: Pollux was the second Obani Moon. It seemed more like a giant rock than a moon. About half of the moon is covered in lava, the other half was a purely mechanical version of Obani Gemini. Large, mushroom-like bolts are scattered all over the moon. The generator that kept the Disintegration field around Obani Draco (see above) was located here. This moon may be named after the star Pollux.

Obani Draco

Obani Draco was the third Obani moon. Courtney Gears used it as her Headquarters. Courtney's base has been completely designed to fit her music, as she recorded her music videos here. The base was full of purple liquid, giant disco balls and Courtney's robot lackeys. Usually, the moon was surrounded by an Omega-class disintegration field, making it impossible for anyone to land there. Obani Draco was also used as a testing laboratory for the prototype of the Bio-Bliterator. After kidnapping Skidd McMarxx as a test subject for it, Courtney fought Ratchet and Klunk (disguised as Clank) and suffered a near-death experience that was later reported as an assault by two deranged members of her fan club.