The Nuclear Detonation Device was an upgrade to the Star Explorer. It created a gigantic explosion, wiping out any enemies in its path. This weapon could destroy an entire wave of enemy ships in one blow. This was especially useful while fighting off Space Wasps in the Feltzin System by firing immediately. It was most detrimental while destroying the hover turrets at the Hrugis Cloud or destroying attack ships over planet Gorn. It cost 60 Raritanium.

The fastest way to earn bolts in the game is to go to planet Gorn and play Challenge 2 - Fight the Bandits over and over. Immediately after starting the challenge, fire a nuke on the mountain or building to the left of you. This will kill all of the battleships and will win you the challenge within 3–5 seconds. If done incorrectly, there may be a few remaining ships. Either restart the challenge or kill the remaining ships. If you want more Raritanium, wait a few seconds before firing the nuke and one ship should remain. Collect all the floating Raritanium and then kill the final ship. This will earn you thousands of bolts every time. After beating the challenge a few times, the reward will lock to 2,750 bolts.

You do not have to switch to the nuke in the quick select menu every time. As long as it was selected the last time you played, it will be automatically equipped every time you play a challenge, unless you die or leave Gorn.