The nuclear-powered rocket sled was a speeder invented by Ratchet during the attack on Kerwan by Imperial Forces. Ratchet and Clank used it to visit the Planetary Defense Center but crashed it a few miles back.

Clank mentioned it after Ratchet said there was no way a Lombax would make a hat into a weapon. Ratchet also mentioned it when discussing what they should do with the Dimensionator.

Bits and pieces of the rocket sled appeared in Clank's subconscious, and in the Deadgrove Forest of planet Magnus.

Clank used the Rocket Sled to help Ratchet destroy Zogg's robot minions on Veldin in the Comic Series.

The rocket sled also appeared in the Ratchet & Clank film.[1]




  1. Kevin Munroe posed a picture on Instagram which contained the rocket sled, and the picture was tagged #ratchetandclankmovie

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