Novalis was a heavily populated planet in the Solana Galaxy. It was the homeworld of Galactic Ranger Cora Veralux. The planet was invaded by the Blarg; however, Ratchet and Clank managed to repel the small scale invasion. The planet was later destroyed by the Deplanetizer.

The primary location of the planet was Tobruk Crater.

Tobruk Crater


Ratchet in Tobruk Crater


  • Novalis Valley
  • Waterworks

Characters on Novalis


Differences between original


  • Ratchet's ship is shot down by a Blarg Saucer and sustains minor damage. In the originals, it crash-lands on Novalis (with no indication as to why) and replaced with the Courier Ship.
  • Mayor Buckwash and The Plumber's infobots have been switched as the Mayor's Infobot shows Aridia and The Plumber's shows Kerwan.
  • The Plumber's Infobot originally came at a cost of 200 bolts, but now he would just give the Infobot to Ratchet & Clank as it was an urgent message.
  • Ratchet's ship is repaired by The Plumber rather than being given a new one by Buckwash.
  • Novalis is later destroyed by the Deplanetizer, which makes it inaccessible afterwards.


  • The area shows sustained damage; therefore, the short cutscene of the bridge being destroyed by the ship has been cut.
  • The bridge connecting the start to the mayor's crashed ship is activated by a switch.
  • The entrance to the waterworks has a wall jump instead of steps.
  • Blarg Troopers and Pool Sharks have been added to the stage.
  • The secret cave area containing a Gold Bolt at the end of the river is not there.
  • After being destroyed by the Deplanetizer later, the planet cannot be re-visited.


  • This is the only planet in the re-imagined game not to have any Gold Bolts.


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