Using highly sophisticated technology, which you couldn't possibly understand, we will be extracting a large portion of your planet and adding it to our new one. Unfortunately, this change in mass will cause your planet to spin out of control and drift into the sun where it will explode in a flaming ball of gas, but, of course, sacrifices must be made. Thank you for your co-operation.
Drek  [R&C]

Novalis was a small terrestrial planet in the Solana Galaxy. It was the second planet introduced in the Ratchet & Clank series, and was home to The Plumber. It was targeted by Drek due to its renowned sewer systems.[1] A Gold Weapons room was located on the planet in the Tobruk Crater.


Novalis was a pristine planet with the Solana Galaxy, hosting an advanced civilization throughout the planet. Not only was Novalis known for being the best place to pick up a Jabo Sandwich, it also had the finest sewers in the galaxy. The most famous town on Novalis lay inside Tobruk Crater, which a mighty asteroid created when it smashed into Novalis long ago.

Unfortunately, Novalis soon attracted the attention of the Blarg, whose homeworld of Orxon had become overly polluted and overpopulated to such a degree, it rendered the Blarg completely homeless. Chairman Drek had implemented a new strategy to create a new homeworld for the Blarg, by extracting bits of planets to create a new single new one.


Novalis' location in Solana Galaxy

Chairman Drek informed the citizens of Novalis view a broadcast that Novalis had several planetary components needed to create his new planet, which required the Blarg to take their pristine sewer systems, but literally a giant chunk of the planet itself as well. Drek informed the people of Novalis that this change in mass would cause the planet to spin out of control until into exploded into a fiery ball of gas after smashing into their sun, but informed them that sacrifices had to be made. After the broadcast was meant to end, Drek immediately showed his utter lack of care for the people of Novalis, mockingly demanding those that didn't like it could form a line behind him and kiss his ass. However, this part of the message was not cut out, which angered Drek greatly.

In attempt to peacefully resolve the situation, Drek asked the Novalis Chairman to meet him aboard Drek's Flagship to discuss the issue to get them to cooperate. Drek politely informed the Chairman to order all citizens to leave the Tobruk Crater, which was going to be extracted from Novalis after Drek's forces dozed down the city. The Novalis Chairman immediately stated he would not comply, which made Drek respond that he had no choice in the matter. The Chairman warned that Captain Qwark would prevent this land grab from occurring, which caused Drek to laugh, since Qwark served him. The Chairman; however, was unaware of this alliance, and quickly insulted Drek how Qwark could easily defeat the small sized Drek, which made Drek lose his temper. He ordered his Robot Commander to remove the Chairman, who begged Drek to stop his madness. Drek at first appeared to agree with the Chairman, which surprised the Chairman greatly, causing him to reply "Really?" However, Drek was in reality just taunting the man, and he ordered that the Chairman be escorted out of his warship.

Novalis Crash Landing

Ratchet about to crash his ship on Novalis

Upon arrival, Ratchet crashed his ship on the surface of the planet, forcing him and Clank to go and locate a new one.

Their arrival on the planet allowed them to witness its destruction. Because the Novalis Chairman had refused to order the evacuation of the planet to leave way for the extraction of the Tobruk Crater, Drek had ordered its invasion, resulting in a mass bombardment of the city located within the crater.

While Ratchet and Clank explored the waterworks, The Plumber informed them that most of the population was fleeing, but that he couldn't leave himself because of "socio-economic disparity." However, the duo helped him by buying his Infobot for 500 bolts, which contained coordinates to planet Aridia.

Later, they were able to rescue the planetary chairman, who offered them a courier ship so that they could leave the planet and then continue looking for Qwark.

It's presumed Novalis was completely destroyed during the conflict, but it's possible, though highly unlikely, that Ratchet and Clank managed to save Novalis from having a chunk being extracted from it.


Aside a small population of Amoeboids in one of its larger caves, Tobruk Crater appeared to be a generally clean area of Novalis full of villages, caves, and sewers. Novalis seemed to be inhabited by Novalians.


Novalis mostly had a temperate climate with mild weather like on Earth.


Tobruk Crater

Tobruk Crater

Ratchet with a view of the Tobruk Crater.

Tobruk Crater was the capital city of Novalis and home to the Novalis Chairman. As its name implies, the city was located within a crater. It was surrounded by a valley filled with several houses for the citizens, and a river ran through the city. There were massive cave and pipe systems within the crater, and a series of skyscrapers lay on the other side of the city. Drek started his planet-building scheme on Tobruk Crater despite the pleas of the people. When the Novalis Chairman protested against Drek's request to extract Tobruk Crater and insulted him, Drek had him dragged off and launched an attack that left much of the city in ruins. The citizens fled the crater on escape transports, leaving the city deserted with the exception of the invasion forces. It is unknown what has become of the city since then.

Tobruk Crater was where Ratchet and Clank acquired the Courier Ship from the Chairman following the destruction of Ratchet's Ship, and where they first met The Plumber. He gave them an Infobot for Planet Aridia in exchange for some bolts to pay for his escape from the planet.

Gold weapons room

TaunterMain article: Gold Weapons room

There was a gold weapons room located in the Tobruk Crater area, it was first accessible in a second playthrough after the game had been completed.

Items on Novalis





  • According to a Ratchet & Clank instruction manual, a Jabo Sandwich was a speciality in Novalis.
  • It is a bit of a mystery that Novalis was still there when Ratchet left and came back, as Drek said it would hurl into the sun and be reduced to a flaming ball of gas, though its most likely just a gameplay mechanism.
  • Deforestation was a problem on this planet just like Eudora
  • It appeared in the beta version of Up Your Arsenal as the first planet.[2]
  • Planet Todano, from the sequel Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, was in fact a mirrored Novalis.

Behind the scenes

Novalis Sketch

John Fiorito's sketch that evolved into Novalis

John Fiorito's unfinished sketch displays further exploration that would become Insomniac's style: exotic alien vegetation, craters, and retro-futuristic structures with rounded aerodynamic forms. Eventually this concept evolved into planet Tobruk Crater, the first full campaign level in Ratchet & Clank.[3]


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